3 Sexy Ways To Wrap His Weenie

The one thing I advocate most is couples practicing safer sex by using condoms, but it's one of the things many have the hardest time committing to because of the uncomfortable feeling they can often create. Using thinner versions of these latex sex companions and wearing the right size can make a big difference in comfort level, but using a sexy way to make sure these rubber hats are placed on properly can encourage an excitement about using condoms in every sexual experience. Adding these techniques into the foreplay can help eliminate that awkward moment of breaking from the arousal period as well.

Ladies it's time to take over your sexual health and be a leader in helping your partner feel sexy about wrapping it up! Here are 3 sexy techniques any woman can use to place a condom on her partner's love below.

Use your Breasts

Men are visual creatures and they sure do love a pair of nice breasts! Instead of using your hands to roll the condom down your partner's shaft, place the condom on the head of his penis securely and then place it between your breasts. Squeeze your breasts together and roll the condom shaft to his base while you look at your partner seductively. If you feel you don't have enough breast tissue to perform this trick, no worries! There are two more sexy ways to wrap your mam up!

Use your hands and Tongue

in this technique, the tongue is used in combination with the hands in order to secure the condom in place and to spark arousal. Place the condom on the head of the penis and as you use your hands to roll it down the shaft, trail the latex covering with your tongue. This technique is great to use with flavored condoms just before performing oral sex.

Use your mouth while in 69 position

You can give your partner a great view and access to orally pleasure you by choosing to apply a condom in the 69 position! Straddle your partner with your rear end facing his head and your face placed near his pelvis. With the condom placed in your mouth, roll the condom down the shaft of his penis with your lips and teeth lightly.  Once the condom is in place, you can switch from 69 position to reverse cowgirl and giddy up!

If you need instructions ion how to simply apply a condom using your mouth, consult the diagram above.

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