5 Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

Issues such as a lack of sleep or mental blocks can contribute to lowering the libido, but did you know that there are foods we eat every day that can contribute to a dying sex drive?  Read the article below and find out if what foods made the list.


Soy products have become popular within the last decade with the increase of vegetarians and lactose intolerant people who have turned to drinking soy milk.  However, most of the people who consume soy on a daily basis have no idea that this healthy choice actually has an adverse affect on the sex drive. Soy is high in a type of estrogen called "phytoestrogen" that lowers the libido in women and men by "lowering the amount of testosterone in both sexes" (testosterone is the hormone linked to creating sexual desire).  It has been stated that consuming large amounts of soy have been linked to "infertility issues" in both sexes as well as "being at higher risk of contracting breast cancer" for women. Can't drink regular milk? Try substituting your milk for Lactose free milk, rice milk, almond milk, or cocoanut milk. If you are a vegetarian that eats meat substitutes, look for the ones that are soy free. Good health should not cost you your sex life.


The Liquorice plant is used to make certain teas and candies, including the classic candy favorite Licorice, however, just like the soy plant, the liquorice plant contains the estrogen "phytoestroen" that is linked to lowering testosterone in both sexes and adversely affecting the libido.  A person would have to consume large amounts of candy licorice or the teas made from the plant in order for it to lower the sex drive, but it's always good to know what can have a negative affect on your body.


Mint has all types of medical benefits such as freshening breath and helping the digestive system, but like the two previous plants, it too contains the estrogen "phytoestrogen" and has been linked to lowering the libido in both sexes.  Even when consumed two or more times a week, peppermints, spearmint gum and mint teas have been proven to lower the libido in both men and women.  In women, too much mint can cause the vagina to dry up.  Instead of popping in a piece of gum or a mint, use a mouth spray to freshen your breath. It will give you a quick solution to tart breath and protect your libido.

Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes may seem plain and harmless, but the flavorless cereal was actually created by Seven Day Adventists (including Dr. Harvey Kellogg) as a part of a type of "bland diet" that was designed to lower people's sex drives.  If you are looking for a cereal with less sugar and lower calories, try "Honey Bunches of Oats" and add a few slices of strawberries to help increase the libido (strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac).


Everyone gets that urge to hump the first thing they see when the affects of alcohol set in, but too much alcohol can actually lower sex drive. It has been proven through scientific study that excessive amounts of alcohol "chemically inhibits" the sex drive making it hard for men to keep an erection and for women to stay lubricated due to dehydration. Both sexes also lose feelings in the nerves when consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, so sometimes the penetration isn't felt at all. If you're going out for a night on the town, try to limit your drinks to about 2, or maybe three. Eating before drinking can always help with alcohol absorption. So don't fool yourself into thinking you have super sex powers when you're drunk...your sex drive will take a dive for he worst!

These foods aren't foods that you should avoid altogether, but rather consume in smaller quantities. Excessive amounts of these foods will decrease the amount of testosterone in the body that will lead to the death of your sex drive, so remember to take it easy on these foods and add more foods in your diet to increase your libido. (that article is coming next).





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