5 Sexual Health Myths Debunked

It always amazes me that with all of the correct information available online and offline about  sexual health, people still choose to believe and spread  ridiculous myths that always leave individuals more confused and further misinformed.  It's time some truth was spread to end the ignorance. Below are a few of the most common myths about sexual health and their truths revealed.

"I heard you can catch an STD from a toilet seat"

NOT TRUE...STDs can not live outside of the body for long periods of time, and wouldn't survive for long on a cold toilet seat for that matter.  STDs aren't present in urine because of its sterile nature, so there is a very unlikely chance anyone would catch an STD from someone that used the toilet before them.

"If I use a douche after sex, I won't get pregnant"

DEAD WRONG. Millions of sperm are released during ejaculation, and in the amount of time it takes to get from the bedroom to the bathroom and douche, a great number of the little swimmers have already made their way to the uterus in hopes of fertilization. Douching will help clear out the extra semen in the vagina, however, it will not prevent pregnancy, especially if ovulation is already in progress.

"If I have an STD I will know it"

SADLY THIS IS FALSE...Most STDs are asymptomatic which means they do not display symptoms.  These diseases can lay dormant for weeks, to months to years without any physical detection. The only way to know if you are infected is to get tested.

"If I'm on my period, I can't get pregnant"

As odd as this may seem, this is FALSE.  Sperm can live within the body up to 5 days after their initial introduction, so if a woman is near the tale end of her cycle and is still ovulating when sperm has been released into her body, she can indeed become pregnant.

"Oral Sex is the safest form of sex"

FALSE...STDs can still be passed through oral sex and into the mouth if protection isn't used during the act. STDs that are passed by skin to skin contact such as Herpes and HPV can easily be passed even if  bodily fluids aren't exchanged.  The safest form of sex is to actually abstain from it all together.

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  • Josh Spector

    This website is very informative and helpful! I have a few extra questions and am kind of scared . I would rather not type if you can give me a call that would really be life saving . My concern is about steak in the bedroom . Thank you so much . Also you can follow me at SpizzySpecs on Instagram

    Josh ‘Spizzy’ Spector

    February 24, 2014 Reply
  • Clitzpah

    GREAT Post!

    February 21, 2016 Reply
  • Ashlynn

    Hello,I recently discovered your YouTube channel,and I must say your videos are amazing and very helpful.I want to be a little bit more experienced/spice up my sex I. The bedroom,but when I’m having sex I feel a tad bit irritated while I’m being penetrated and recently I was irritated around my clit as if it was just dry, seem to feel like I’m enjoying the sex or go deeper into it.I’ve received oral sex each time before and became extremely wet,but when penetrated it’s like as if it disappeared or never happened. I have gotten myself aroused with toys and felt comfortable and know my body creates a nice amount of natural lube. My girlfriends say maybe I need more four play,try using lube,which I will consider.but could there be something else or something wrong with me?.

    August 12, 2016 Reply

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