5 Sexy Ways to Turn Him On With Your Mouth

The mouth is used in a variety of ways from speaking to eating, but when it comes to a woman's lips, there is nothing more sexy than a nice, round, full pair that are inviting and soft to the touch. Lips are a sensory organ that can absorb information through touch, and send that information to the brain to strike up sexual arousal during intimacy. Beyond using them during oral sex, the lips can be used in various ways to make the blood of any man boil. Here are 5 great tips on how to turn on any man using the mouth and those gorgeous lips!

Use your lips to explore his body
If you want to get a rise out of him, straddle your partner whether he is laying down or sitting up and begin to use your lips to examine his body. Brush your lips against his without fully kissing him, brush his ear with the fullness of your lips, move down to his neck and lay soft kisses there as you work down towards his chest and pelvis. Focus on the erogenous zones that are known to strike up sexual arousal but don't leave any area untouched.

Blow gentle breaths on his skin
This technique will have his hairs standing on end. While you explore his body with your lips, take in a breath and exhale through your mouth with your lips slightly parted to caress his skin without touching him. Think of it as an air massage

Speak words of desire
While placing him under your seduction, whisper all of the sexy things you want to do to him to peak his imagination and leave his body yearning for more

Use your tongue to outline his body
The tongue is a powerful instrument, so use it! Use the tip of your tongue to caress his neck, move from his neck to his chest and flick his nipples lightly as a tease. When you reach his pelvis, outline the inner crease of his leg right near the base of his penile shaft (hope he shaved his pubic hair!) and work your way up the shaft of his penis to its head. At this point, you can begin to perform oral sex, but you can always continue to tease to make his member a rock!

The classic kiss
Kissing sends a variety of signals to the brain to help it release the chemicals necessary for sexual arousal. Using your mouth to kiss passionately is one of the most classic ways to turn on any man using your mouth. You can bite on his lip lightly, use your tongue to outline his lips, suck on his tongue or use any variety of tricks. Whatever you do, just make it sexy and do it with confidence!

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  • Jay lurquin

    Awesome suggestions on the use of lips. My wife read it and is applying it in her foreplay. It works.

    Thank you.


    July 13, 2013 Reply
  • Kennedi

    I plan to use these on my man tonight.

    April 10, 2014 Reply
  • Tracey

    I tried this on my man just yesterday afternoon. I have VERY sizeable lips and it wasn’t long before he got the “point”. I started slow and ended with the brushed lip kisses. it was awesome having so much control!

    May 26, 2014 Reply

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