5 Things To Avoid During Sex

When it comes to sex pretty much anything goes in the bedroom for the average participant, but there are somethings that may become a bit of a turn off if they creep into the sexual scene. There are 5 common things thatcan happen during sex that I've discovered can cause the scene to become quite awkward if they aren't checked immediately, and I thought I would share this with my viewing public. Below are the top 5 things I suggest you avoid during sex.

  • Burping or Farting-Being gassy is a normal thing especially when you eat certain foods, but to bring the gas into the bedroom can not only make things smelly but awkward! Try to avoid eating foods that you know create gas bubbles in your stomach before having sex, and make sure your colon before having sex. It makes the sex feel better!
  • Excessive talking-communicating during sex to let your partner now how good, or not so good, of a job he/she is doing is great, but when the questions become too frequent and the demands become a bit much, it can become a turn off! The "take that" commands and the "F*ck me" calls are nice reminders here and there, but try to keep your chatterbox in check!
  • Texting or checking your phone-Ok I get it. We are all attached to our phones and the updates we get from our social media profiles, but when you reach over to grab your phone in the middle of sex to check up on what going on in the twitterverse, it sends signals to your partner that you really aren't that interested! If the sex is great and you're into your partner, make sure your phone is on silent and put away before getting into a sexual experience so that way you won't be tempted to look at it when it lights up the entire room in the dark with an alert.
  • Growling-Everyone has their special way of letting out their expressions of pleasure or the relief of their release, but growling can become a bit creepy. To avoid making your partner feel like he/she is having sex with a rabid animal, try to convert your growling into a moan or some other pleasurable sound of relief.
  • Condom breakage-When the condom breaks, fear and paranoia often set in and cause a frantic dash for an emergency contraceptive. To avoid having a condom break during sex, make sure the right size is being used, make sure it is put on the penis correctly, make sure the condom isn't damaged or expired, and use extra lubrication to reduce the amount of friction that is put on the condom if a woman has vaginal walls like the jaws of life!

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  • Mackstar!

    Never mention the name of someone who is not in the toom.Instead, use a lot of “ohh baby”, “ohh girl”, or “ohh daddy”

    December 7, 2013 Reply

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