Average Breast Size in America Increases

Bra shopping for me can sometimes be very frustrating considering I have a small back and a large cup size. It seems that every time I walk into "Victoria's Secret" there is always a shortage of 36DD bras, especially in the cute and new styles (that forces me to get the basic GRANDMA editions) This shortage always made me wonder if VS as a company was being a huge hater on the big breasted women, but after reading an article in "Women's Wear Daily" about the increase in the average bust size, the shortage of my bra size made so much more sense.

According to WWD, the average bra size in the US  has ballooned in the last 10 years from a 36 C (the size I was in 8th grade) to a voluptuous 36DD (my current bra size). No wonder I can never find my size at the store! With so many women now rocking 36DD knockers, it raises questions as to why this increase in the average bra size has occurred in the first place.  According to researchers, the increase in bust size has been caused by the increase in the average size of the waist line due to the weight gain Americans have experienced in the last 10 years.  With each decade, Americans grow larger, and with that increase, woman's breast size increases (women's breasts are made up of fat tissue that can increase as the body's fat content raises.)

For those men that love breasts, the increase is a good thing, but the increase in weight poses other problems for the overall health of women, making them more prone to heart disease and diabetes. This increase in breast size has also been documented in the UK, so this issue isn't just an American issue. The increase of bra size is also attributed to women being fitted properly for the right size. Boutiques such as "Intimacy" have measuring techniques that fit women into their "true" bra size and not the standard A through D cup sizing (Bras can go up to J cups and beyond). Considering 60% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, there is no doubt in my mind that proper measuring can be one of the main reasons breast size has increased.

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  • Norm

    Overall weight gain is definitely related to bust size, but probably also are is the use of hormones and other additives to animal feeds before poultry, beef, and pork end up as dinner. The trends are probably difficult to pin down though. Precise measurment and fitting are improving, as indicated in the blog post. The bra, as it is known today, only goes back to the 1930s, and the cup sizes we know today were developed and introduced in 1935, not all that long ago. People definitely eat more, and do less physical labor, than we did in the 1930s, but we do more cardio exercise to combat the effects of sit-down jobs. The longer trends will be interesting to watch. For now, our Glam blogger’s curves look very nice from where I sit.

    October 22, 2012 Reply

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