I’ve covered the issue of positions that work for the man that has a smaller penis than the average (micro penis), but what about the man that is blessed with more to love above the average size of 5-7 inches? Most women rant  and rave about wanting to ride and take a penis that is eight inches or bigger, but realistically most women can’t handle the pressure that a long penis places on the cervix. Does your partner have a large penis, or are you looking forward to experiencing  the LONG and WIDE ride? If so, then here are some tips that will aid in an amazing sexual experience without causing pain in the process!


Woman on Top (Cowgirl)


Riding on top is a great position for handling a man with a large penis. The cowgirl position puts you in control of the depth of penetration and puts you in command of most of the movement. If sitting directly on his penis is too much pressure for your cervix, lean forward just a little or lean backwards to change the angle of the penis.

Spooning Position


The spooning position allows for you to have some very intimate body to body contact and provides shallow penetration which will keep the pressure off of your cervix.  In spooning position, your partner can rub and grab on your breasts as well as kiss your neck and shoulders as he penetrates. Great way to get it in while cuddling!

*REMEMBER* In whatever position you choose to try with a man that’s well endowed, make sure you communicate when you have pain and when he needs to ease up a bit. The key to handling a large penis is starting off slow and using positions that require more of a shallow penetration. However, If you want to experience a deeper stroke, the key is high lubrication and easing in his penis while taking the strokes slow to start out in order to get used to the impact of penetration.  ENJOY!


  1. Posted October 2, 2011 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

    My husband is well endowed and it does hurt sometimes! So thankyou for this info. x

  2. Posted October 2, 2011 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    Adam and Eve were advertising their sale this past week. I went on their site and browsed over to the dildos and dongs section (my friends tease me that I should get one) amd I read a few comments for the dongs that were 8 inches and more. Some women said it was more than they could handle while others were simply in heaven about it but a few women said it was a great way to practice for when they would be riding their well endowed lover. Just a thought. This was a great post!

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