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There is no better way to end the positions of the week for January than with a “Happy Ending”. For those women out there who have yet to embrace the art of fellatio, today would be a good day to learn and become accepting.  Fellatio is a great way to relieve stress and get him in the mood for the main attraction. This week’s sex position is called the “Throat Swab”, and as you can see, it requires a certain amount of skill on the part of the giver. After all, giving head upside down is quite an accomplishment!  This position is one that allows the male receiver to control the depth of penetration in the mouth of his partner. It’s quite similar to the F*ck Face position, except it’s in an inverted angle. Want to know how to get into position? Read the instructions below and have fun!

(1) (woman) Lie on your back on a couch, bed or any comfortable furniture where you can hang your head over the edge

(2)(man) With your knees bent or while kneeling (depending on the height of the furniture) penetrate your partner’s mouth and lean forward placing your hands flat on the surface of the furniture to control the depth and power of penetration. Remember to take it slow out the gate

Once in position, the giving partner may need a few moments in between strokes to breathe considering she will be inverted and it may be a little hard to take deep breaths in that position.

Have Fun, and remember Safe sex is Great Sex

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