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This week’s position of the week is a variation of the “Doggie Style” position and it requires for both partners to be standing. The position is called “Ben Dover” (get it? Bendover)  and it is a rear entry position that is ideal in situations where there is limited space to lay down such as a utility closet or public restroom stall. You may just want to try this position in the the bedroom to add something new to your routine. The benefits of this position is the deep penetration it provides and the ability for this position to turn into various rear entry positions. Wanna know how to get into position? Follow the instruction below an enjoy! (remember to know your status and Wrap it up! safe sex is great sex)

(1) (woman perspective) stand in front of your partner with your back facing him

(2) Bend over at the waist until you touch the floor with your hands and have your partner grab you by the hips in order to control the depth of penetration. In this position, your vagina should be open enough for him to enter you easily. The wider you position your legs, the more difficult it may be for him to enter, so keep your legs together, or at shoulders width.

(3) To support yourself when your partner is thrusting, place your hands flat on the floor or grab your ankles so you won’t fall over.

at this point, you should be in position. If you are performing this position with a partner that is taller than you, you can either have him bend his knees or you can stand on something to give you more leverage. the same rules apply for if he is shorter than you (he can stand on something or you can bend your knees.)




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