I’m Back! Sorry for the hiatus. This week’s posts are starting off with a missionary sex position that requires a great deal of flexibility on the part of the receiving partner. The sex position is called “Viennese Oyster” and it exposes the entire groin area of the receiving partner for ultimate pleasure. I would suggest both partners stretch before getting into this position, especially the receiving partner, because the risk of pulling a muscle comes with this complex missionary option.

Benefits of this position

  • Deep penetration for both partners
  • Both partners can watch each others faces as they enjoy each other
  • The giver can lay his entire body on his partner for deeper penetration as well as clitoral stimulation
  • The receiver is in a complete submissive position (no running!)

***LADIES, STRETCH BEFORE GETTING INTO THIS POSITION. If you are not flexible, do not attempt***

**ALSO make sure you know your STD status before entering into sexual activity with anyone and USE CONDOMS for safer sex to reduce your risks of contracting STDS. To find a free testing site near you, log on to www.gytnow.org**

Getting into position

The receiving partner will lay down on her back on the surface of her choice (bed, table, floor, wherever your freak flag flies) Once she is comfortable, she then has to grab her legs by the ankles and pull them behind her head and cross them at the ankles. Once she is in the position of an oyster, her partner can then position himself on top of her to ready himself for penetration. He can place his hands on her thighs in order to help balance himself and keep her steady while he thrusts, or place each one of his hand on each side of he on the performing surface.

If you try this one, let me know how it goes. Feel free to leave comments!


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  1. Norm
    Posted October 24, 2012 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    This is a position worth working up to, raising the legs a little higher each time. Definitely an event worth training for!

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