Hot Tub Hug

Oh the weather outside is frightful…well, it’s becoming frightful, so why not add some heat into your sexual experience during these cold winter months? What better way to add extra lubrication and heat into the situation¬† than to “get it in” inside of the hot tub?! This week’s sex position of the week is called “Hot Tub Hug” and it is very straight forward. This sex position can be used in a hot tub whether in private or in public (for those exhibitionists out there who love the thrill) and it encourages intimacy between partners because it is a front facing position. The closeness between the two bodies will generate an energy exchange that will have each person on fire and gives each partner the ability to enjoy the love faces the other makes while enjoying the experience.

There are some precautions that should be used in a hot tub however. Too much heat for some men can cause his erection to simmer down after a period of time, so this position isn’t one that should be experimented with for more than 10 minutes just to be safe. Using condoms in water can also prove to be quite difficult in protecting from unwanted pregnancy and STDs because of its possibility to slip off due to the extra water being pumped into the vagina.(You should know your STD status before entering into any sexual relationship).

So now that I’ve covered the precautions, what are the benefits of this position?


  • the water adds extra lubrication
  • face to face position creates intimacy
  • woman on top provides deep penetration
  • comfortable for both partners

Want to get into position? It’s Simple! Follow these steps below and get the stroking!

**ALWAYS KNOW YOUR STD STATUS!  To find a testing clinic near your , visit**

  1. The male partner should find a comfortable spot in the hot tub and sit down with his feet planted flat on the floor and his hands in a comfortable position
  2. The female partner will then straddle him my sitting on top of her partner with her knees bent and her feet flat on the surface he is seated on on.

At this point the fun should be ready to begin! the male partner can use his hands to massage her back while she rides, or caress her breasts for extra stimulation.


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