There is nothing better than great oral sex in the morning. It’s even better when both partners can enjoy it at the same time. This week’s sex position is “69 Sitting” and it is a complex position for the female partner as the picture indicates. This position is for the daring woman with strong core strength, a sturdy neck and who doesn’t mind being in a handstand while pleasuring her partner. This position also adds a thrill to break the monotony that can occur in the original 69 position.

Benefits of Position

  • Both partners receive oral pleasure
  • Burns twice as many calories as the original 69 position
  • Adds a thrill to the sexual experience

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And remember to WRAP IT UP…condoms reduce the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

How to get into position

  • Both partners should begin in the original 69 position while laying down. The female partner should be laying on top and ready to be flipped upside down with her arms wrapped around her partner’s hips and her head in his pelvis area.
  • Once the female partner has secured her position, the male partner should raise up in a sitting position on the edge of the bed while making sure he doesn’t crush his partner’s head. He should also wrap his arms around her waist to support his partner while she is in a headstand.
  • At this point, both partners should be in position. The female partner can support herself in this position by placing her hands flat on the bed as a way to take some of the weight off of her head.


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