Cos Play: Role Play Tips for Beginners

Today is HALLOWEEN and in the spirit of dress up I have decided to lend all of you a helping hand in getting another use out of those costumes to get a bang for your buck (ha, I made a pun!).  Role playing may not be something you have ever thought about incorporating into your relationship, but it is an activity that can place a much needed spark back into a sex life that has gone a bit stale.  I understand, it can be an intimidating sexual technique to undertake, but by following these simple steps you too can be one the way of adding yet another unique sexual experience to your life's memoir. 

Plan ahead

Planning out the scenario ahead of time is essential for the success of the role playing experience. Knowing where the scene will unfold, what props will be used and the details of the back story are all helpful in putting together this erotic scenario.  Each partner should agree to have a brainstorming session to solidify ideas about what is going to go down.  Will the scene involve a naughty maid and bashful homeowner who is unsuspecting of the maid’s advances? Or will the scenario involve a burglar entering the room in search of jewels to find them all dressed on the owner’s beautiful body? Whatever scenario is agreed upon, commit to the character until the end of the sexual experience.

Get out of your own head

Being in your head and judging yourself too harshly are common culprits behind failed sexual experimentation.  Before entering into the sexual performance, leave all judgments at the door and take the time to speak positively about the acting that is about to take place.  Insecurity only exists if it is made real in the mind first.  Remain confident and stay out of negative or uncomfortable thoughts about self.

Use props

Using props makes the scene more believable and real, so determine what props will be needed for the planned scenario.  A maid needs a maid costume, a plumber needs a tool belt with all its dressings and a film director needs a script and a camera to create motion picture magic.  Go shopping together at a costume store to make the experience more exciting and playful, or use your costumes from Halloween as a way to get another wear out of them.

Have fun

The most important tip of them all is to have fun! Role playing is all about being playful and carefree during the sexual experience, so let go and allow comical flirtation to take over.

**You may be dressed up, but remember to dress JIMMY too! Practice safer sex and use condoms correctly throughout the entire sexual experience**

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