#Cranberrybox: Ways To Sweeten Genitals

While on twitter today I came across a hashtag #cranberrybox, and like any curious person I dedcided to fall into the rabbit hole of hashtag chatter to see what exactly are people talking about when it comes to cranberry juice.  Oh and behold, I come across conversation about how drinking cranberry juice can make the vagina sweet.  YUM YUM.

If this is your first time hearing about this, then I'll go on record to tell you that yes, this interesting hashtag holds some truth.  Cranberry juice actually has a few benefits including antioxidant and cleansing properties that help to prevent bacteria buildup in the bladder.  Likewise, as the hashtag suggests cranberry juice does provide the vagina with a type of sweetness because of the berry's bitter-yet-sweet qualities.  Now, for woman who desires to entice her partner to travel "down south" with sweet, natural juices it's best to drink a cranberry juice that is 100%pure. Cranberry juice cocktail is filled with artificial sweeteners that can lead to an imbalance in candida that naturally lives in the vagina.  Candida feeds on sugar and its overgrowth can lead to the common yeast infection.  The healthiest source of cranberry juice would be from the actual fruit, but 100% cranberry juice that has been bottled serve its purpose.

If cranberry juice is something that doesn't fit your tastes, there are a few other fruits and juices that can be eaten for the same effect.  Pineapples, grapes, strawberries, melons including watermelon are all great alternatives that have the same sweetening properties as cranberries. Lemons are bitter, but their acidic properties help with keeping the pH balance of the vagina in tact. Always remember that the concentrated versions of these juices should be avoided if sweetening your vaginal secretions is your goal.  Avoid the fake sugar and opt for real juices.  Investing in a juicer and incorporating fresh fruit juice into your diet at least three times a week will yield greater results.  Remember, you are what you eat, so if your diet is filled with fatty and fried foods, one fruit juice a week may not create a major difference in how your vagina tastes to the pleasure giver.

Being sexy and healthy are one in the same.  Sexual improvement starts with your health first.  I have no idea who started #cranberrybox and where the term even originated, but I'm thankful that someone is talking about it.

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