Facials of the Cum Kind

The act is kinky and is seen in tons of pornos, but what are the benefits, if any, to "cum facials?" Yes, I'm talking about a man ejaculating on a woman's face. I was asked by a viewer of my blog to expound on the subject, so i figured, why not go into this taboo.

Cum shots didn't become a signature feature of pornographic films until the 1970's during the advent of hard-core pornography, and it has been suggested that this act came about because  several actresses at the time thought that being ejaculating in was disrespectful and they didn't trust the birth control methods of that time. So they decided being cum on was better than being cum in.  Through pornography, cum shots have been introduced to society and have become a practice that some couples bring into the bedroom.

So what's the real benefit of a man ejaculating on a woman's face? It's simple: it makes a man feel desired.  A woman that is open enough to allow a man to cum anywhere on her body displays her acceptance of every part of him, including his semen.  It shows a man that his partner is enjoying every aspect of the sexual experience right down to the climax, and helps him to become completely uninhibited within the sexual episode.

From my gatherings, women typically allow men to ejaculate on their stomach, back or booty, but most women become a bit reluctant when the areas of the chest and face are suggested.  Facial cum shots are no different than cum shots administered to other areas of the body, but I believe the reluctance is derived from the idea that taking cum to the face would classify a woman as a "whore." (the classification of a "whore"  is another post all in itself)

Taking cum to the face isn't for everyone, and if a woman isn't comfortable with the idea, then she shouldn't do it.  I'm not going to go on record and say that it's something that every woman should experience, but if she is a woman that thoroughly enjoys sex and adores every part of her partner, then accepting cum to the face shouldn't be an issue. Semen doesn't contain any harmful agents as I stated in my post about the makeup of semen, so there is no need to worry about it affecting the face in an adverse way.  Just remember to know the STD status of your partner before engaging in any type of semen sampling.

*Remember, great sex is SAFE SEX so WRAP IT UP!*

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  • ggurls

    That’s some kinky shit lol

    November 9, 2011 Reply
    • Bobbo

      Whoever edits and publishes these articles rellay knows what they’re doing.

      November 22, 2011 Reply
  • Andre Day (@AllDayDre5000)

    I’d prefer the stomach, back, booty or breast.

    November 18, 2011 Reply
  • Cade

    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert avdice like this anymore?!

    November 22, 2011 Reply

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