Health Watch: Pill To Prevent HIV In Healthy People

After some 30 odd years of researching to find a cure for AIDS, the FDA is finally endorsing and recommending approval of the first drug shown to prevent healthy individuals from becoming infected with the HIV virus. The drug is called "Truvada" and is a daily dose pill recommended for people at high risk of contracting the disease, specifically gay and bisexual men as well as heterosexual couples with one infected partner.

A final decision is supposed to be made on the 15th of this month about if the drug will be put on the market for this specific use. Drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc. already markets Truvada as a treatment for people who are currently infected with HIV.

I think this is a great breakthrough for the fight against HIV, what are your thoughts?

**Keep in mind that the best ways to remain at low risk for contracting HIV is abstinence for sexual activity and using condoms during intercourse and oral sex**

**This breakthrough doesn't mean you can start going raw dog...keep it wrapped up!**

Source: CBS News

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