How Effective is Saliva as Lube?

Let's face it, we have all opted to use saliva as a lubricant during sex at some point in our lives during a heated sexual experience, but exactly how effective is using the naturally slick bodily secretion on the genitals? For a short period of time, saliva creates a barrier that can moisten areas of dryness and allow the genitals to work together like a well oiled machine, but this can often times be short lived.  Saliva, of course, is the main component used during oral sex because the mouth has direct contact with the genitals, but when it comes to actual penetration, saliva shouldn't be a solid choice of a lubricant if one plans to be active for more than a few minutes.

Here's why

Saliva is a water based bodily secretion that evaporates at a very rapid rate when it come in contact with body heat and friction. Quite naturally, you can image that with all the bumping and grinding of two bodies the saliva will quickly dry up, creating a need for more lubrication until the body reaches an arousal state where the vagina creates its own lubricating secretions.

In a rushed situation, saliva will always be a go to in order to get the party started, but in a more planned out sexual experience, using a water based lubricant such as Astroglide is a better option to create that silky barrier needed to better facilitate entry into the vagina. Just a few drops will do the trick. The water base adds moisture to the vaginal walls and you don't have to worry about the transmission of bacteria or food particles that may cause irritation or infection. Granted, some formulas of lubricants can cause irritation for certain women if their vaginas are sensitive to some of the chemicals within them, but there are several lubricants on the market that are specifically made for women with sensitive skin that are fragrance free and free of all other agents known to cause vaginal irritation (Astroglide has a formula for sensitive skin, and so does KY Jelly).

Besides using water based lubricant, one of the best ways to bring moisture to the vagina is to heighten the arousal state. The more a woman is aroused, the more her vagina will secrete the viscous fluid needed to make penetration a silky ride.

So there you have it! Saliva is a great alternative to supplement the vagina's natural secretions for a short period of time, but save yourself from having to make your salivary glands work in overdrive during a long session of sex and grab a small bottle of lubricant. After all, that's what it's made for.

*Please Note* If the mouth contains an active infection (swollen gums, sore throat, herpes) bacteria or viral particles can be carried from the mouth to the genitals and cause an infection. Always monitor your oral hygiene and health.

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