How To Keep Your Kitty Clean

Keeping the vagina and vulva clean may seem like a no brainer for the average woman, but for one who was never properly taught by her mother or a trusted female authority in her life, caring for the genitals can seem like a foreign process.

I received a letter from a young lady who reached out to me about her lack of knowledge on "keeping clean down there", and from the use of euphemisms to describe her genitalia, I could tell that she had a lack of education about her sexual organs and how to cleanse.   This seems to be a common issue amongst women considering many men complain about the smells of some women and how they are tuned off from sex because of them.  In reality, the vagina is a self cleansing organ that has the ability to balance out its delicate ecosystem to keep things in a healthy state, but when pH balance within the body is thrown off the vagina can become affected and cause a buildup of bad bacteria or an overgrowth of yeast that can lead to foul smells and irritating infections.  Having a proper diet and keeping the body supplied with water, vitamins and nutrients are all key components in keeping the vagina clean and healthy, but when it comes to the actual cleansing of the delicate skin of the vulva, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure bacteria doesn't get trapped within the folds of the labia (lips) and cause odor or infection.

So how does a woman properly cleanse her nether regions?

For starters, lades, you must realize that this area is sensitive and does not like to be introduced to harsh soaps or cleansers that can irritate the mucous membranes that it protects. The "pretty pink" section of the vulva is sensitive to the touch and can become easily irritated with it comes into contact with dirt or harsh chemicals.  Water is really all that is needed to cleanse this area, but if soap is to be used selecting a pH balancing feminine was designed for the vulva is the best choice. Also realize that the vagina and vulva both have a distinct smell that matches with your natural body odor, so do not feel alarmed if you have a smell that is recognizable.  Natural smells are what attracts men to us like a natural perfume (we call these pheromones).

When it comes to the technique of how to wash properly, the steps are really simple.  Many women believe that douching is the best way to cleanse the vagina, but gynecologists recommend against it.  A simple plain water bath has the same affect without using harsh chemicals that can disturb the ecosystem of the vagina.  When taking a bath, allow the water to flow into the vagina in order to wash out anything that may be trapped within the folds of the walls. Placing a finger within the vagina helps to allow water inside to sweep through the folds in within the walls. The vagina is a self cleaning organ, so it does a pretty good job of keeping its ecosystem in balance. but sometimes it needs an cleansing to help it along the way.

Cleaning the entire vulva is all about cleaning within the folds of the labia, and even rolling back the hood of the clitoris to clean around its delicate head. Using a mild feminine was that is pH balancing within the folds of the vulva is recommended, but avoid touching the sensitive, pink membrane where the urethra sits with soap or washes because it can cause irritation.  If washing with soap, use a mild, scentless soap only on the outer labia and the pubis mons (large V shape part of the vulva where the pubic hair sits) and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

There you have it! The Glamerotica simple guide on how to properly clean the kitty.  Always remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness (or GODDESSNESS)

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