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Relationships are never easy, especially when there are hundreds of books, blogs and relationship experts providing advice that doesn't always apply to your life the way you hope it would. After having several conversations with friends, associates and followers online, I've come to realize that people aren't being completely honest with themselves when it comes to what they want out of relationships from the beginning, and it is this dishonesty that leads to petty arguments, dissatisfaction and bitter breakups.  I'm writing this post today to tell all of you viewers who are on the quest for true love and happiness with someone who you can view as your life partner to CUT THE BULLSHIT and be 100% HONEST with yourself about what it is you want.

The average person believes that monogamy and marriage is what he/she wants because it is the image and union that is majorly promoted, but how does that explain the countless numbers of men and women who have affairs, girlfriends/boyfriends on the side OR "friends" who they spend their time with when their partners become a bit of a bore? Monogamy works for a lot of people, but I believe that if more people would have an honest reflective moment with themselves about what they truly want, they would discover that a relationship with one person isn't what they want.  There are individuals who know they have an attraction to the same sex, yet, because society isn't as accepting of those types of relationships, they get into a relationship with the opposite sex denying their true desires to be involved in a romantic homosexual relationship.

There are so many more examples that I could put out there about people denying themselves of what they really want just to uphold a certain image or perception of themselves for the world to view instead of really listening to their inner selves and remaining true to their natural desires.  If you're a woman that wants a man that cooks, then don't settle for a man who only wants to order take out all because you don't want to be alone. KEEP IT 100 with yourself and be honest about exactly what you want! If you're a man that prefers women who are 100% natural, then stay true to what you want! If you lie to yourself, the truth will come out eventually and that truth usually manifests itself into negative behaviors that turn into petty arguments or result in confrontation that can lead to breakup and broken hearts.

Plain and simple: Be honest about what you want and about who you are. Do not settle for what you don't want just because you can't face the idea of being alone.  Spend more time with yourself to truly learn you and to avoid becoming a person that destroys hearts and creates bitterness in others because of your inability to be truthful from the start of the relationship. If you want to be with the same sex, then do that! If you want an open relationship, then go right ahead! Be clear in your decision making and be true to you no matter what society promotes as "the norm".

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  • Yprincess

    Hi Ms.Glam Goddess,

    I agree completely with you on this article. Currently, I am having difficulties in my relationship. However, I am the one who is causing friction in this on again off again 8yrs relationship. I never cheated on my man, but I am battling my trust issues that I have of him towards him. And all this reaction is doing is causing us to have more distant between us then what we started off with. My goal is give him the benefit of the doubt and not think negative or focus on past mistakes and then in turns, react as if he cheated or is trying to cheat on me. Please continue to post your articles about relationships more, because it is really opening my eyes on the bigger picture and what is really important.

    October 6, 2013 Reply
    • glamerotica101

      thank you for the feedback! I will continue to add more articles about relationships…I’m glad you’re learning

      October 7, 2013 Reply
  • Giovanni

    Very True… Really Made Me Open Up My Eyes.. On What I really Want in a relationship besides sex…

    February 25, 2014 Reply

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