Pucker Up! Tips to Land A Perfect Kiss

Kissing may seem like a basic skill when it comes to the plethora of sexual skills within the spectrum of sexuality, but this simple gesture is one that can raise arousal in both sexes to an all time high! Kissing is the portal into a deeper understanding of your partner through the signals that are sent to the brain through the vast amount of nerve endings in the lips. Words may not be coming out of your mouth while you are in a lip lock, but you are sending every message of desire and passion that needs to be understood through that intimate embrace. Kissing is a skill that has to be mastered like any other skill, so to ensure you are delivering your internal messages of desire the correct way, here are a few basic tips on how to land the perfect kiss!


When it comes to any sexual act, hygiene is the number one thing that needs to be monitored and held to a high standard. First and foremost, you want to be aware of your partner's STI status because the mouth can become a carrier of infections that can be passed on through kissing (herpes is a common one). I know it may seem like a bit of a buzz kill to mention, but it's better to be aware of the risks than to jump into a situation with someone unknowingly and catching something that may not be curable. So the point is to get tested and always know your status to avoid these situations.

Now, for the hygienic routine that should be maintained daily.

The lips need to be pleasing to the eye, so making sure that your lips are properly moisturized and free of dead skin is key. Men, I know it may seem a bit feminine to pay so much attention to your lips, but no woman wants to feel like she is kissing sandpaper! Carmex, lip chap or even cocoa butter are great basic options for you to carry with you to keep your lips moisturized and appealing to the ladies. Ladies, these basic options will work for you as well, but if you want to add some shine to your lips to give them an extra pop and allure, try a lip gloss whether it is over the counter or designer brand. They all work the same in attracting a man to your lips and in their moisturizing affects.  To remove any dead skin from your lips, you can take a hot towel and place it on your lips for a few seconds and rub the skin off.  You can also use sugar as a scrub to remove any dead skin.

Brushing your teeth and keeping fresh breath is a given. Bad breath will turn anyone off from wanting to be near your mouth. Use a tongue scraper to keep the tongue clear of dead skin and to help aid in fresh breath and mouthwash to kill any bacteria you can't reach with your toothbrush. Carrying breath mints or chewing gum will also help with keeping fresh breath while you're on the go. Personally, I keep a tooth brush and travel sized mouthwash with me. White teeth, fresh breath, and soft succulent lips are the very basis of the perfect kiss. Stay on top of that oral health!

Lip to lip contact

The lips are the main attraction when it comes to kissing. How your lips will lock with those of your partner's will depend on the size of your lips. Keep that in mind before going in for the kiss to avoid that awkward moment of trying to figure out how to plant your lips.  You can pucker your lips to land a simple peck or you can part your lips slightly so that your inner lips will touch with your partners and send a message of a more sensual intent. Lightly brushing your lips against your partners can create a feeling of anticipation to feel the fullness of a kiss, and using the teeth to lightly graze the bottom lip can express your aggressive side. Remember to have fun and play with your partner's lips as you grab theirs with your own, and relax! If you feel like you may not know what you're doing, just follow your partner's lead. They will get you right!

Saliva exchange

Some people are sloppy kissers and others keep it neat and clean when it comes to the amount of saliva they secrete during kissing. No one wants to be drowned in a pool of saliva while trying to feel the skin to skin contact of the lips during a lip lock, so make sure to monitor just how much saliva you are exchanging with your partner.

Tongue action

The tongue is a very powerful and lusty organ, so use it to the best of your ability to strike up sexual desire! You can use your tongue to outline the shape of your lover's lips or you can rub your tongue against your partners as you lock lips. The dancing of tongues can have the tendency to become awkward if there isn't a rhythm established, so just follow the flow of rhythm that your partner sets if your technique seems to be making it difficult for the flow of the kiss to be established. One of my favorite things to do during a kiss with tongue is to use both of my lips to suck on the tongue of my partner. It is a technique that is a bit of a shock but can also serve as a sneak peek into oral sex skills.


Putting passion into anything lets a person know that you are serious, focused and that your heart is for whatever your passion is directed towards. A kiss is no different.  The more passion you put into a kiss, the more a person becomes open to receiving you sexually. It shows your partner that your attraction towards them is real and deep rooted. Whether it's a slow and longing kiss or one that is feverish and hurried, putting passion behind it will always send the correct signals. Making eye contact before landing the big one is also a great technique to use to convey passion. Kiss with meaning and purpose to arouse!



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