Role Playing Sex with Idris Elba

Soooo, yeah. I had an experience and it involved everyone's fantasy man Idris Elba.

It was nothing like what you would expect.  Here's how it went down.

True Story...

"Take this off...I want to see your lovely breasts," he said in that British accent that drives me wild. Stretched out across the bed with his shirt off, he pulled at my blouse as a way to jump start my exit out of my clothes, and I happily obliged. It had been awhile since I've seen this man, so the heat between us was intense.  I began to unfasten my buttons slowly as I sat on top of him, straddling him with my thick thighs and I felt the bulge between his legs rise in between mine.

I was ready.

Growing impatient with my teasing, he sat up and ripped the rest of my blouse's buttons apart and buried his face in my cleavage.  The smell of his cologne was intoxicating.  I let out a slight moan of desire as I grabbed the back of his head while he unsnapped the hooks of my bra as his tongue fondled the crease between my G cup breasts.  I wrestled my arms out of the chiffon sleeves that held me captive and threw my shirt and bra to the floor.

He was rock hard at this point.

He grabbed both of my breasts, one in each of his massive hands and starred me in my eyes as we sat in lotus style taking in the sight of each other.  "It sure is good to see you T," he said huskily as his breath increased.  He was ready to get down to what we came together to do.

"It's been a long time since we've gotten together," I responded as I rolled back onto my elbows to loosen the grip my thighs had on this chocolate Adonis of a man.  His work brought him to the westcoast for the day, and I was his company for the night.  "Do you have condoms for me to wrap my cock," he asked as his lips trailed the length of my neck.  The fact that he wanted to protect both of us was such a turn on.  "I always carry protection," I said as he worked his way down towards my jeans.

He was going to make sure I got mine before he entered me.

"Take off these bloody pants....we're wasting time," he said with passion as he undressed my lower half.  I stretched across the bed reaching for my purse that sat on the night stand. I wanted to make sure we had protection ready for when we got down to the main event.  I only had a moment to grab the condoms within my purse before he grabbed my hips to pull me closer.  He was ready to feast.

Before I knew it, his face was buried in my crotch with his tongue putting in work on my pulsating vulva.  I could feel my sexual energy rising with each flick of his tongue.  As he pushed my thighs towards my ears, I grabbed the back of his head to keep in in a place that was getting me to my climax. As he increased his speed, my mind began to race and my breath became shorter.  My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he spoke dirty, encouraging words to make me squirt the way he was used to.

It worked.

He used his hands to finish the job in bringing me to an orgasm while using the British accent that he knows drives me crazy.  After he saw my body shake and contract to the movements of his fingers, he grabbed the conveniently placed condoms, opened one with his teeth, placed the hat on the fullness of his 8 inches and entered me for the first time in months.

After several switches in sex positions from the edge of the bed to the ledge of the balcony attached to his room he finally reached his climax, his erection subsided and his body went limp atop of mine.  After several moments of silence, he spoke in a relaxed tone.  "How was it for you," he asked me in a voice no longer seasoned by the British accent he knew  I loved.

I opened my eyes and was faced with my long distance lover Martin, who had come to San Diego on business for a day.  Every time we get together it's a fun time because he plays with me and allows our erotic times together to be filled with communication, great laughs and amazing sex.  This encounter brought with it the role of Idris Elba in his best British accent.  This, ladies and gents is an example of role playing.

See, role playing is often suggested as a healthy way for couples to spice up their sex lives, but the idea of bringing costumes and premeditated characters into the room may prove to be intimidating to some.  Martin and I are extremely silly around each other, so our humor and easiness also flows into sex.  Our version of role playing involves him using his British accent (he's actually really good at it) while I use my imagination to transform him into Idris Elba. Role playing allows me to completely lose myself in the moment and truly be present during sex, and for many others using the imagination during erotic play can do the same. Role playing doesn't have to be extremely involved. Just a simple switch in the mind is all it takes for a shy lover to become transform into a super freak.  Try using your imagination first before getting into cosplay and scripts and see if assuming a new character.

Alright, so I didn't have sex with Idris Elba in reality, but just the thought of it was good enough for me...because realistically any sexual experience that allows me the freedom to live out my fantasies is one that I can't help but enjoy.

To the great Idris Elba, thank you for the inspiration ;-)



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  • Ms. Hot Chocolate

    That was great fantasy ESPECIALLY as it involves Idris Elba. I am thinking of bringing the role playing idea to my man; hopefully, it goes well …he’s DEFINITELY OPEN to it.

    May 20, 2015 Reply
  • Stephanie

    Amazing story telling. Excellent delivery. Up til the end Idris was the man in my mind. If you haven’t taken formal classes your a natural at writing. Your periscope chats are amazing as well. Your wisdom flows so naturally. I just wish sometimes they’d allow you to finish explaining and talking. You speak unapologetically with assurance and confidence. I can understand their dilemma, your beautiful, spirit soul and body. I’m new to your site enjoying the reading and periscope so your see my email address often. Truly a fan of Ms Tymoi!! Blessings and success to you. Oh do you charge and cleanse your stone often

    January 5, 2016 Reply
  • Priya

    Idris is so sexy. I love his voice especially in Thor.And I agree with you if I ever got a chncae with my dream man (Gandy) I’d be trying to get preggo too.

    February 10, 2016 Reply

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