Sensual Massage (Part 1)

Sensual massage is one of my favorite techniques to recommend to couples as a way to initiate foreplay and the arousal process, and my good friend Lisa Marie from Lovingsex.com has a few tips that she wants to share about how to make sensual massage work for you.  Keep reading for all of the juicy details. 

by Lisa Marie from www.lovingsex.com

My first sexual massage took me by complete surprise. It actually happened during regular massage class, I was partnered up with a young, attractive guy. We were practicing a hot oil technique where I was on my stomach on the table and he was performing long strokes up my back along the spine to my shoulders and then back down the sides of my body. I don’t need to tell you just how relaxing and pleasurable a strong pair of hands soaked in hot oil moving gently up and down my body feels.

But suddenly it got even better. While moving back down my sides his hands were gently grazing the my breasts that were pinned down under the weight of my body and therefore pushed out to the sides. I found myself completely focused on that sensation and anticipating the next time his hands would touch me there. His touch along the sides of my body grew more and more bold with each stroke. He was lingering and cupping my breasts, letting his fingers knead and squeeze. It was so arousing that I found myself, in that room full of people, shifting my body to allow him ever more access.

Next, his hands reached further and further in towards my belly button, down to my hip bones and up my buttocks stopping for a few extra circular strokes around the perimeter and added some inner thigh action on every stroke.

By then the class was over and we were alone in the room. I was so turned on I was ready for anything, but he just said “roll over on to your back” and held up the sheet for me.

(to be continued …)

Here are 3 tips I can share following this experience, should you want to perform a massage as exquisite as his:

  1. Maintain contact at all times, even if you need to get more oil or adjust the sheet, always leave on hand in contact with the skin. If this is not possible then use your arm or really any (!) part of your body.
  2. Let things build slowly. Anticipation is a key ingredient of erotic experience.
  3. Listen with your hands. Your partner’s body will let you know how you are doing and where they want you to go.

And don’t forget to have fun!!!

If you would like to read more about sensual massage or view videos on how to properly perform the technique, CLICK HERE 

Special thanks to Lisa for her contribution ;-)

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  • Rita

    I was a little confused as to how you was on your stomach and he was still able to stroke your nipple and belly button.

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