Sensual Massage (Part 2)

Touch will always be my favorite form of foreplay, and to round out the lesson in sensual massage, my good friend Lisa Marie from www.Lovingsex.com has provided a part two to her first lesson in sensual massage.  Continue reading and Enjoy the benefits of sensual massage :-) 

Sexual Massage (part 2)

by Lisa Marie from www.lovingsex.com

He was a complete gentleman as he held the sheet up so I could turn over onto my back. He covered me from my chest to my sides. We were alone in the room at this point but if someone had walked in it would have looked completely innocent. Everything he did was oh-so subtle.


He began to massage my neck, scalp and shoulders from behind. It was relaxing and sensual. Slowly he added strokes from my shoulders across my chest between my breasts, down my front and back up the sides . Before I knew it he his hands were touching my breasts coming back up the sides of my body, rubbing them in sensual circular strokes while his thumbs played with my nipples before beginning the next full stroke down past my abdomen all the way and around my hip bones. We entered a rhythm together, my body lifting to meet his touch, his hands pressing and releasing completely in tune with my rhythm. Every few cycles his hands would linger on my lower abdomen and he put his mouth on one of my nipples, licking and sucking.


I was in somewhat of a trance and did not even notice him changing direction on my body while he stroked my abdomen and played with my nipple. His hands now climbing and reaching up my legs. He was stroking the inside of my thighs and up to my hips his fingers touching the outside of my vagina lightly and coming back around squeezing my buttocks. I was completely aroused at this point breathing heavily in anticipation. And there he was, on his knees over me, his hands on my breasts, his hard cock rubbing the outside of my vagina.


He continued to massage me with his cock, my breasts, my abdomen, my inner thighs and moving the tip of his hardness along my vagina gently parting the lips but never entering.


Listen closely guys (and ladies). This was at least 45 minutes of extremely erotic foreplay, a lot of work on his part but it was well worth it. I had one of the sweetest, most complete orgasms I have ever had that day. I don’t think it was too hard on him either. There is nothing like erotic touch to explore every inch of your partner, I could not have asked for a more attentive and intimate erotic touch session.

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  • Richard Geer

    Such sensuality is beautiful. Hard to find in a masseuse in my area…

    December 28, 2015 Reply

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