Sex Position Of The Week: Folded Deck Chair

Welcome to another week in sex positioning brought to you by the one and only Sexpert Tyomi. This week, we say goodbye to my wonderful partner Colin as this is is the last week he works with me as my demonstrator. 

This week, we bring you the "Folded Deck Chair", a missionary position that is a favorite of many. It is easy to get into, has few hazards and is a great position for men that may be smaller than average. There is a certain amount of flexibility that is needed from the female partner in order to get the legs to spread apart and fall back towards the shoulders, however, one doesn't have to be a gymnast or yoga master to achieve successful positioning.

Benefits of this position
Deep penetration
Creates intimacy by using face to face contact
Close body contact
comfortable for both partners
G spot stimulation

Hazards in this position
Shortness of breath for the female partner due to the diaphragm being constricted by the legs being pushed towards the shoulders

Props needed
a pillow can be used under the head of the female partner for comfort

Places to perform this position
A bed
On a couch
On a floor with blankets for cushion

*ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE PROTECTION DURING SEX! Safe sex is great sex! And always be aware of your STD status! To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org

How to get into position

1) The female partner should lay on her back with her feet flat on the bed, knees bent and her legs spread a shoulder's width apart.

2) The male partner should then position himself between his partner's legs while on his knees and hold one of her legs in each of his hands.

3) At this point, he should be ready to penetrate her, spreading her legs apart and back towards her shoulders as he enters

*Remember to communicate during the process*


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