Sex Position Of The Week: 69

Welcome back my sex enthusiasts! was down for a while but we are back with all new sex position photos in a sexier format!  This week's sex position is a staple position that both the sexual novice and expert can perform.  If you are a lover of oral sex, then "69" position is right for you!

Benefits of this position

  • Both partners can receive oral pleasure at the same time
  • Close bodily contact creates intimacy
  • This position serves as a great transition position
  • Spices up foreplay before the main event
  • Clitoral stimulation is achieved enabling the female partner to reach an orgasm

Hazards in this position

  • The male partner may become short of breath if too much weight is placed on his chest in this position
  • If dealing with a woman who knows how to ejaculate, the male partner will not be able to avoid the flow of her ejaculation onto his face in this position (talk about a cum shot!) (this may not be a bad thing for men who enjoy sexual secretions)

Props to use in this position


Places to perform this position

  • On a bed
  • On a couch
  • In the back seat of a Cadillac (those back seats are huge) or a truck for those quickie moments
  • On the floor of any room in the house (just put down some blankets)
  • Practically anywhere you choose to have sex as long as its a safe environment and both partners are up or the challenge

***ALWAYS remember to practice safer sex by using condoms correctly throughout the entire sexual experience.  Know your STD status by getting tested! Find a free and discreet testing site near you at**

How to get into position

  1. The male partner:  Lie on your back vertically or horizontally across the bed (whichever way is most comfortable) with your hands behind your head in anticipation of your partner getting into position.
  2. The female partner: Straddle your partner in the direction of his feet with your knees pressed into the surface of the bed and your pelvis hovering directly over the lower half of his face (near the chin is perfect).  Once in position, lean forward slightly to reach his pelvis with your mouth at a comfortable angle.
  3. The male partner: Place your hands on the hips of your partner to guide her into the right position that is comfortable for you. You can use a pillow or two to place your head at the right angle to pleasure your partner.

Please keep in mind that a difference in height will determine how easily a couple can perform this position.  Partners who have at least 8 inches in height difference may have to go through a bit more adjusting than partners who are closer in height to get into this position correctly.

Have fun and as always BE SAFE!



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