Sex Position of the Week: All Tangled Up

Welcome back to another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com!  This week's sex position is a variation of missionary and is great for building intimacy while stimulating other erogenous zones during penetration.  This week's sex position is called "All Tangled Up" and it is a position fit for a variety of body types and sizes.

Level of difficulty: Moderate


Benefits of this position

  • Comfortable for both partners
  • Intimacy is created because of the face to face contact
  • The female partner is held into place by her legs that are wrapped around her partner
  • Hanging her hips off of the edge of the bed slightly provides a great angle for entry
  • G spot stimulation can be achieved when the male partner uses an upward stroke
  • The slight diagonal angle of the left leg over the male partner's shoulder provides a tight entry
  • The breasts can be massaged and stimulated to bring about more arousal in this position

Hazards in this position

  • The legs of the female partner may become tired in this position
  • The male partner will have to bend his knees slightly to match the height of the bed so his legs may become tired

Props to use


Places to perform this position

  • On the edge of the bed
  • On the edge of a table
  • On the hood of a car
  • On the arm of a couch

**Always remember to practice safer sex by using a condom correctly throughout the entire sexual experience.  Getting tested is the only way to know your STD status.  To find a testing site near your visit www.gytnow.org**

How to get into position

Female partner: Lie on your back with your butt at the very edge of the bed (or chosen performance surface) and twist your lower body so that both of your legs are shifted to the right.

Male partner: Come to the edge of the performance surface and bend your knees slightly to meet the pelvis of your partner.  Wrap her right leg around your waist and place her left leg over your left shoulder.

This position may take some time to get into, but once in place "All Tangled Up" proves to be very rewarding.


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  • Marie M.

    I am so glad I ran across your YouTube channel & your blog! I have been using Google to search for new sex positions for a while & have yet to see anything as creative and comfortable as this! I cannot wait to try it!

    February 26, 2016 Reply

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