Sex Position of the Week: Cradle

It's a new week and a new sex position as presented by! This week's sex position, demonstrated by myself @glamazontyomi(twitter) and @illinois_jones(twitter), is called "Cradle" and it is a position where the receiving partner has control over depth of penetration and speed of stroke. As you can see in the picture above, the male partner has his legs tucked under him while the female partner has her body elevated on top of him with her arms supporting her weight in a bridge position. The level of difficulty in getting into this position is moderate and it requires for the receiving partner to have upper body strength. Benefits of this position

  • Angled penetration
  • face to face contact
  • Eye contact establishes intimacy
  • G spot stimulation
  • Doubles as a leg and ab workout

Hazards in this position

  • The legs of the male partner may become tired or cramped in this position
  • The arms of the female partner may become tired from having to hold up the weight of her body

Props to use

  • A clitoral vibrator can be used by the male partner to stimulate his partner with his free hand

Places to perform this position

  • on a bed
  • on the floor

Always remember to know the STI status of both you and your partner! To find a testing site near you, visit Don't forget to practice safer sex by using condoms throughout the entire sexual experience. How to get into position 1) The male partner must sit on his knees with this hands ready to help his partner get into position 2) The female partner then straddles her partner's folded legs by placing one leg on each side of his legs and elevating herself by supporting her weight with her arms extended behind her and her palms flat on the supporting surface. 3)At this point, both partners should be in position with their pelvises close together. The male partner can use his free hands to help position his partner by holding in to her hips. Enjoy

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