Sex Position of the Week: Downstroke

Welcome to another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com! Class is now in session for all of you sex enthusiasts, and this week's position is one for those who like to use
every angle of the bed (or couch) during sexual performance. The sex position as pictured above (by me @glamazontyomi and my partner @illinois_jones) is called "Downward Stroke", and it is a female submissive position that adds variety to any experience.

Benefits of this position

  • Deep penetration
  • Tight entry
  • Narrowed vagina for a tighter fit
  • The male partner is in full control
  • The receiving partner can't move!
  • Easy to get into this position
  • Comfortable for both partners

Hazards in this position

  • The receiving partner will need to grab on to the edge of the bed to keep her self in position during the stroke.

Props to use

  • A pillow can be used under the receiving partner's head for comfort

Places to perform this position

  • On the edge of a bed
  • On a couch

**ALWAYS remember to practice safer sex by using condoms during the entire sexual experience, and remember to know your STD status by getting tested. To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org**

How to get into position

  1. The receiving partner will lie on her back with her butt at the very edge of the bed (or couch) and her feet flat on the floor spaced a shoulder's width apart. So the top half of her body should be resting on the performing surface.
  2. The giving partner should then stand in front of his partner, and while facing her, step in between her legs, lift them both into the air and place one leg on each of his shoulders.
  3. At this point, both partners should be in position and ready to get it on! (If the surface of the couch or the bed is too low for the male partner to reach the vaginal opening of his partner while standing, he can bend his knees to reach the level of the furniture or find a piece of furniture that is a higher height).


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