Sex Position of the Week: Missionary Ankle Cross

Missionary is an underrated position and is typically regarded as "boring" by the masses. This position is anything but boring though. For the people who enjoy experiencing intimacy during penetrative sex, Missionary positions enable close bodily contact, makes eye gazing easy, and provides easy access for kissing. Missionary is also a good position for certain penis shapes to hit internal erogenous zones with precision.  Missionary primarily positions the receiving partner on the bottom and changes each time the legs and hips are positioned differently.  This week's missionary position is Ankle Cross, and can be performed in a variety of places. This position is one that creates close bodily contact, and has many benefits and hazard to take into consideration.

ankle cross missionary



  • Deepens Intimacy.
  • Aligns Chakras (energy centers).
  • Enables eye contact.
  • Makes kissing easy.
  • Stimulates the A spot and the head of the clitoris due.
  • The cross at the angles positions the giving partner closer to the receiving partner's body encouraging deep penetration.
  • The cross at the ankles also raises the hips of the receiving partner from the surface of play, creating a more pleasurable angle for penetration.
  • It's easy for partners to sync their breathing is this position.
  • Close proximity makes baby making a breeze if you're trying to get pregnant.


  • Crossing at the ankles and wrapping the legs around the partner on top may not be possible for partners who are larger in size.
  • Pressure from the weight of the giving (top) partner's body may be uncomfortable if not leveraged correctly.
  • Penetration may be too deep for partners who find cervical penetration to be uncomfortable.
  • Can make escape difficult for couples using the withdrawal method for birth control (pulling out).
  • May feel uncomfortable when used by penises with severe curves.
  • Crossing the ankles may not be accessible for receiving partners with short legs or thick and short legs.
  • If you're trying to avoid pregnancy, this position may be a threat to birth control.

Where to perform the position

  • In a bed.
  • On a couch.
  • On the floor with pillows underneath the top partner's knees to prevent bruising or rug burn.
  • On a chaise.
  • On a day bed at your mama house.
  • On the hood of a car parked in a garage.
  • On a grassy knoll on top of a blanket underneath you favorite tree in the park.
  • On the beach underneath a tent facing the water.

How to get into position 

  • The receiving (bottom) partner lays on their back (with pillows underneath the head if performing in a bed). The receiving partner lifts their legs and opens them to allow the giving (top) partner to position themselves in between. The giving partner penetrates the receiving partner while the receiver wraps their legs around the lower back of the giver, crossing the feet at the ankles. The angle of this position can be adjusted using pillows underneath the lower back of the receiver.


Have you ever tried this position? How did it work out for you? Chime in by leaving a comment below!


Please remember to practice safer sex by confirming consent, asking for recent STI tests, using condoms when unsure about a partner's status, and getting tested regularly. 

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