Sex Position of the Week: Missionary Eagle

Welcome to a new and exciting week for sex education! Class is now is session for sex positioning, and this week's position is one of the simplest I've ever posted. Getting into this position is a breeze as it is the default position for every couple, even first timers. This week's sex position is called "Missionary Eagle" and it is a missionary position that requires a bit of flexibility in the legs of the female partner.

Benefits of this position

*Easy and quick to get into
*intimacy is created through the face to face contact
*Comfortable for both partners
*Easy access to the vaginal opening because of the parted legs
*Deeper penetration can be achieved because of the angle of the legs

Hazards to look out for
*The female partner's legs being parted and lifted in this way may become tired after a period of time
*The legs being pushed close to the female partners's chest may cause a shortness of breath

Suggested furniture or props to use

*Pillows can be used to prop up the female partner's head

*If the floor will be used while executing this position, make sure to make a comfortable pallet on the floor from thick comforters and pillows to reduce the hardness of the floor on the back of the female partner and the knees of the male partner. Pillows can also be used

Getting into this position is simple and quick for those who are looking to get right to it. This position is also one that can be manipulated into other sex positions for a more varied sexual experience.

*ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PROTECT YOURSELF BY USING CONDOMS! And Know your STD status by getting tested. To find a testing site near you, visit

How to get into position

(1) The female partner should lay on her back with her legs bent and spread apart. She can choose to use a pillow to prop her head up if she chooses.

(2) The male partner should then position himself between his partners's legs while on his knees and grab her legs, one I each hand, underneath the knee where it meets the thigh and lift and spread her legs farther apart and back towards her chest slightly. Once her legs are in position, the male partners's hands will be free to caress her breasts, support his own weight while thrusting or to grab and reposition her legs.

(3) At this point, both partners should be in position and ready to get their eagle on! This position is also a great position for kissing and body to body contact.


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