Sex Position of the Week: Missionary Split

I'm extremely excited to be sharing my latest series of sex positions for the rest of 2016! My partner Mike and I decided to start off this series with a missionary position that is comfortable for both partners and quite intimate.  This week's sex position is called "Missionary Split" and it is jam packed with benefits.


  • Creates intimacy through eye contact
  • It's comfortable for both partners
  • Grants access to the clitoris
  • Helps stretch the female partner's hips to make switching positions more comfortable
  • The shape of the vagina changes, which can create a new type of stimulation for both partners
  • Easy on the back for women who have lower back issues
  • Places the female partner in submission
  • Great for lovers of missionary positions
  • Shallow penetration is possible in this position
  • the female partner can control depth of penetration by using her elevated leg to guide her partner


  • This position may be uncomfortable for women who aren't used to stretching
  • Can be uncomfortable for men with knee issues

Props to use in this position

  • A few pillows underneath the pelvis
  • A clitoral vibrator for dual stimulation
  • An inflatable wedge to create a more pleasurable angle for the female partner's body

Places to perform this position

  • In a bed in the bedroom
  • On a large couch
  • On the floor of the living room
  • On a beach with black sand
  • In the park, in the dark
  • In the back of a SUV or large sedan with space for two

SEXUAL HEALTH DISCLAIMER:  Please remember to KNOW YOUR STI status and that of your partner before you begin any sexual activity.  Get tested together by finding a testing site near you. Visit www.gytnow.org to find a testing site near you OR get tested in the comfort of your own home by using at home testing via mylabbox.com  DON'T FORGET TO USE CONDOMS correctly and consistently throughout the entire sexual experience.

How to get into position

**This description is written for the heterosexual couple, but this position can be performed by same sex couples.  Female partner=receiving partner (bottom) and male partner=giving partner (top)**

  1. The female partner lays with her back flat on the surface of choice and lifts both legs in the air
  2. The male partner positions himself on his knees and places his pelvis near the pelvis of the female partner.
  3. Once in position, the male partner takes one leg and places it over his shoulder while guiding the other leg down towards the bed with the knee bent and the lower leg positioned either around his waist or near his leg as pictured above.

Always remember to adjust sex positions for your comfort and have fun! There is no wrong way to do any positions so make it work for you.

Enjoy :-)

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