Sex Position of the Week: Oral Presentation

Welcome back to another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com! This week's position is for those women who love to perform fellatio and for the men who love to receive it! If you haven't guessed it already, this position is within the AMAZON family, placing the female partner in full control. As you can see in the photo above,  the male partner is placed into complete submission with his legs in the air while the female partner has her way with him in oral stimulation. Performing in this way requires great oral skill with the mouth being the main player during this experience.

Benefits of this position

  • The male partner is in complete submission in this position so the female partner can have her way with him
  • The female partner's head is in the perfect position for the male partner to maneuver it in the direction of his choice for maximum pleasure
  • The legs being elevated sends the blood back from the legs into the pelvis creating more sensitivity in the pelvis
  • This position is comfortable for both parthers
  • It prevents a challenge for the female partner to only use her mouth

Hazards in this position

  • The female partner's head will be between her partner's thighs so breathing may become a bit restricted (payback from all of those thigh gripping orgasms that have crushed his head when he goes down)
  • Pressure may be applied to the female partner's head from the inner thighs of the male partner when he orgasms

Props to use in this position

  • A pillow to prop up the head of the male partner so he can watch the performance

Places to perform this position

  • In a bed in the bedroom
  • On a large couch in the living room
  • On the floor of any room
  • In a very large back seat of a car
  • On the beach underneath a large umbrella in the shade
  • Under a palm tree
  • Wherever your imagination can take you as long as you have

**Always remember before performing to know the STD/STI status of your partner! To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org. Using condoms during oral sex will reduce your chances of contracting STDs orally. Flavored condoms help with the unpleasant taste of latex.**

How to get into position

  1. The male partner lies on his back with his legs bent at the knees and pulled back towards his chest
  2. The female partner positions herself on her knees with her face placed between her partner's legs near his crotch and one hand placed on the outside of each of his legs to keep his legs elevated.
  3. At this point both partners should be in position and ready to get it on


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  • Juanita Jackson

    Hi glameritica 101 i have a question i have been noticeing lately that it takes my husband a long time to get to his climax when we were yonger his was like a spring chicken lol but i dont know how to talk to him about what iam seeing when we make love! I dont want him to feel bad but init all i have to give him oral sex in order for him to get to his climax but i dont get satified what do i do???

    April 29, 2014 Reply
  • Jamy Ly

    Great work…gives important details, facts and instructions…..it’s a good read…..

    September 1, 2014 Reply

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