Sex Position of the Week: Reverse Amazon

Welcome back to another week in Sex positioning on Glamerotica101.com! This week's position is one that many men may look at and feel a bit weird about, but for those men who are daring and up for exploring all aspects of their sexuality and for the women who like to be in control this is the right position for you! 

The position pictured above as demonstrated by my partner (@Illinois_jones) and myself (@glamazontyomi) is called Reverse Amazon and its level of difficulty is high (this is only for the daring)

Benefits of this position

  • The receiving partner gets to be in control
  • This is a great submissive position for men who like to be dominated
  • Deep penetration can be achieved

Hazards in this position

  • The male partner's legs may get tired from being elevated
  • The female partner may become uncomfortable in this position from having to hold her partner's legs up and from being positioned in a sitting squat position
  • The penis will be angled backwards so the angle of penetration may feel uncomfortable depending on the shape of the vagina

Props needed

  • none

Places to perform this position

  • On the floor (place a yoga mat down or a blanket for cushion)
  • In a bed (as pictured above)
  • On a couch

**Always remember to use condoms throughout the entire sexual process...protect your self and know your status! To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org

How to get into position

  1. The male partner should lay on his back with his legs bent and feet flat on the bed (or whatever surface you choose to have sex on)
  2. The female partner should face away from her partner with her back facing him while squatting on her flat feet in front of her partner's legs.
  3. She should then grab both of his legs at the ankles and pull his legs up into the air and back towards her partner's chest slightly to be able to sit on his pelvis and insert his penis for penetration.
  4. At this point, both partners should be in position and ready to rock and roll. (The woman should be able to maneuver herself on her partner's penis by planting her feet firmly on the surface of the bed and pushing through her heels to move herself up and down)


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  • Andre

    This position does look weird but it does look fun.

    June 2, 2013 Reply

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