Sex Position of the Week: Salad Toss

Welcome back to yet another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com!  Since this current age as officially been classified as the "age of booty", this week's sex position is dedicated for all of those rump lovers who love to kiss, nibble, lick prod at their lover's backside (and it can go both ways too!).  This week's sex position is in the annilingus family and is called "Salad Toss" for obvious reasons.


Benefits of this position

  • Promotes intimacy
  • Comfortable position for both partners
  • The nerve endings in the anus are stimulated and generate arousal
  • Great for the man who loves booty
  • Can be used in conjunction with erotic massage
  • Great for couples that enjoy annalingus aka eating booty or rimming

Hazards in this position

  • The hazard to be aware of the most is hygiene.  To avoid getting sick or spreading bacteria from the anus to the vagina or the mouth,  take a shower before performing or clean the anus using wipes

Props to Use

  • A vibrator can be used to provide greater stimulation
  • Flavored lubricant can be used to add flavor to the experience and prepare the anus if penetration is desired
  • Finger condoms can be used to protect the fingers if the male partner decides to insert them into his partner's anus
  • A pillow or wedge can be used to angle the receiving partner's pelvis higher for easier access

Places to perform

  • In a bed in the bedroom
  • On the couch during the half time break of a sporting program (consider it a half time snack break lol)
  • On the floor of any room
  • On a beach at sunset
  • In the back of a pick up truck after a farmer's market run

**Practicing safer sex is recommended even during oral sex activities.  To practice safer annalingus, placing plastic wrap or a split condom across the anus is the best option.  Remember to cleanse before performing**

How to get into position

This position is shown as the female partner being the receiving partner, however, this position can also be used in the reverse with the male partner being in the position as the receiver.

  1. The receiving partner lies on their stomach across whatever surface will be performed on with legs slightly apart (a pillow or wedge can be placed underneath the pelvis in order to provide a better angle)
  2. The performing partner then positions themselves on top of and behind the lying partner and spreads their cheeks apart to perform annalingus.

This position can be fun for those who are liberated and comfortable with experimenting with oral sex from the back door.


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