Sex Position of the Week: Sleeping Beauty

Welcome back sex enthusiasts! This is another week's lesson in sex positioning brought to you by Sexpert Tyomi and @Illinois_Jones. This week's sex position is one that is much more simple than last week and can be performed by anyone whether they are experienced sexual connoisseurs or just beginning. This week's position is a reverse cowgirl position called "Sleeping Beauty" and it requires for the female partner to be in somewhat of an inverted position while laying down on top of her partner towards his feet.

Benefits of this Position

  • Great view of the bum for the male partner
  • Easy to get into
  • Comfortable for both partners
  • The female partner is in control
  • Deep penetration
  • The butt can be massaged to increase sexual arousal for the female partner
  • The male partner gets to take a break while she does all of the work

Hazards in this Position

  • None

Props to use

  • A pillow can be used for cushion under the female partner's head
  • If you're into kink, a paddle or a flogger can be used for spanking

Places to perform this Position

  • In the bedroom on a bed
  • On the floor in any room
  • On a large couch
  • On the beach under a shady tree (for you exhibitionists)

**Always remember to practice safer sex by using a condom correctly throughout the entire sexual experience. To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org**

How to get into position

  1. The male partner sits in the bed with his legs extended out in front of him as he reclines his upper body while resting on his elbows.
  2. The female partner then straddles him facing his feet with her legs on each side of his body and her knees on the surface of the bed. This is the point where the male partner should enter her.
  3. Once penetrated, the female partner can lay the top half of her body down on top of he partner's legs and prop her bottom up slightly.  The male partner can lift himself up on his elbows in order to get an even better angle for proper stroke action

**Extra tip: this position can be used as a transition position from traditional reverse cowgirl**


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  • david blan

    I am a ladies foot fetish the man can hold the feet an lick/suck her feet too.

    December 6, 2013 Reply

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