Sex Position of the Week: Spooning

Welcome all of you students of sex! Your weekly sex positioning class is now in session, and this week's lesson is one of the most simple and satisfying. This week's sex position is the classic "Spooning" and is a great position for morning sex, pregnant women and for those who may have a little more cushion for the pushin! This position also works great as a transition into various doggie style positions and is a great introductory position for first timers.

Benefits of this position
This position is comfortable for both partners
Easy to get into
Highly satisfying for both partners
Great position for pregnant women who want to have sex
The G spot can be stimulated in this position
Great position for men who are well endowed
Creates intimacy due to the closeness of bodies
The legs being lose together will create a tight fit for the penis upon entry and while in the vagina

Hazards in this position

Suggested Places to perform spooning
While cuddled up on a couch under blankets during movie night
When first waking up in the morning in the bedroom

***Always remember to Know your STD status before entering into any sexual experience. To find a testing site near you, visit***

How to get into position
1) The female partner should lay down on whichever side is most comfortable for her with her legs bent at the knees and pulled towards her chest slightly. I call this the cuddle position.

2) Then male partner will then lay behind his partner making his body fit to the shape of hers. At this point, he should be ready to enter her. She will have to part her legs slightly to allow him access into her vagina.

In this position, the female partner can support herself during thrusting by grabbing onto the edge of the bed with her free hands or by grabbing onto the sheets.


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