Sex Position Of The Week: The Cross

Good Morning Sex enthusiasts! It's a new week and once again, I am presenting you with another great sex position to spice up your love life! Do you become tired in the middle of your sexual experiences and seek a position that can become a transition from the rough and quickened paced to the soft and slow stroke? Well this week's position has been created just for you!  This week's sex position is called "The Cross" and as you can see in the photo above of myself and my partner @illinois_jones, our bodies meet up in a cross figure like a plus sign.

Benefits of this position

  • It's comfortable for both partners
  • Eye contact can be established easily to create intimacy
  • This can be used as a transition position when both partners become tired
  • It's easy to get into
  • Penetration is at an interesting angle
  • The effort level for this position is low so it doesn't require much work
  • Tight penetration

Hazards in this position

  • The hands are left free to grab on to any surface of the bed for support, however, if caught off guard, either partner may lose balance and risk falling off the bed

Props to use in this position

  • A pillow can be placed under each partner's head for support

Places to perform this position

  • On the floor
  • On a bed in any room
  • On a very large couch

***Always remember to know the STD/STI status of you and your partner! To find a testing site near you, visit  Also remember to practice safer sex and use condoms throughout the entire sexual experience***

How to get into position

  1. The receiving partner lies down on the bed horizontally with her legs bent at the knees. She can grab on to the sheets for support once the action begins
  2. The giving partner will then position himself vertically on the bed near his partner by raising her legs up and placing them over his outer leg as pictured above.
  3. At this point, both partners are in the cross position and ready for penetration


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