Sex Position of the week: Wheelbarrow

Welcome back to another week in sex positioning! I'm glad you are making a commitment to enhance your sex life by seeking out education.  Featured as this weeks sex position is one that I consider to be in my TOP 5 favorites, and it is a position that requires overall bodily strength on behalf of the female partner.  This isn't a position for the faint at heart.  Thanks to Cinemax, the Wheelbarrow has become one of my go-to sex positions when I want to turn sex into an event, and hopefully it becomes an option for your as well.  The level of difficulty for this position is moderate and stretching is required before getting into this position.  Physical strength and faith are tested in this position. 

Benefits of this position

  • Doubles as a work out
  • Deep penetration can be achieved
  • G spot stimulation is made possible
  • Being in an inverted position heightens sexual sensation for the female partner
  • A unique spin is placed on standing sex with this position
  • It challenges couples to think outside of the box and to take sex outside of the bed
  • Great view of the ass and action for the male partner
  • Female partner is in full submission

Hazards in this position

  • This sex position requires the upper body strength and core strength of both partners, so if either partner is out of shape this position will be difficult to maintain longer than one minute
  • The arms of the female partner could give way at any time under the weight of holding up her body and the pressure from thrusts her partner throws.
  • The female partner may become light headed from the inverted position, so monitor her comfort while performing

Props to use

  • A wall can be used to stabilize this position.  The male partner will place his back on the wall once in position

Places to perform this position 

  • In the bedroom near the bed
  • In the living room on an open wall
  • Against a palm tree on a beach in Miami
  • In the kitchen by the counter
  • On a grassy knoll underneath a blueberry tree

**NOTE TO THICK GIRLS** As you can see in the photograph, I am not a small woman.  Never think that your size is a barrier that won't allow you to have the exciting sex you seek.  Get out of your own head, stretch your limbs and show your partner what you're made of!**

**KNOW YOUR STATUS BEFORE GETTING INTO ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITY.  To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org.  Make sure to wear a condom correctly throughout the entire sexual experience if you are unsure of your partner's STD status**

How to get into position 

Getting into position is similar to preparing to get into a hand stand.  The male partner will have to position himself near a wall for support and the female partner will stand in front of him with her back facing him.

Female partner:  Place your palms flat on the floor in front of you with your hands placed a shoulder's width apart. Make sure that your least dominant leg is on the outside of your partner's matching leg to prepare to be lifted.

Male partner: Stand firm with your knees slightly bent, feet a shoulder's width apart and your back against a wall for support. Once your partner is in position, direct her to kick her less dominant leg up and back for you to grab on to at the thigh.  Once you have a solid hold on her first leg, direct her to kick the other up and back and support her weight by holding her thighs and wrapping her lower legs around your waist (this will take team work)

Once the female partner is in the inverted position, you are ready to grind it out.

Please note: A solid erection is needed for this sex position to work efficiently.

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