Sex Position of The Week: Yab Yum

Intimacy is the name of the game with this week's sex position.  Known as YAB YUM, this position is used in tantric practices to help couples align their energy before joining their genitals together.  This position allows the genitals to make a connection through conscious breathing and hovering over each other, a way of receiving permission to play before they meet. YAB YUM aligns the chakras (energy centers) of both partner's bodies and creates ease in eye gazing. If YAB YUM is a position you're interested in using, check out the benefits, warnings, and uses of this position below:

yab yum position


Benefits of Yab Yum: 

  • Aligns the Chakras (energy centers) of each partner.
  • Creates connection through the use of eye gazing.
  • Generates communication between the genitals before penetration.
  • Places the female partner (or the partner on top) in control of the pace of the position.
  • Easy to get into and to switch into different positions from.
  • Builds Intimacy.
  • Generates body heat because of the close bodily contact.
  • Comfortable for both partners.

Drawbacks of Yab Yum:

  • Mobility for the partner on top is limited based on core strength.
  • The weight of the partner on top must be supported by the bottom, penetrating partner.
  • The legs of the partner on top may tire after a few minutes in this position.

Details about Penetration:

  • Provides angled penetration.
  • Grants access to cervical penetration (heart chakra connection).
  • The closeness of bodies produces deep penetration.
  • The deeper erogenous zones can be accessed via this position (p spot and a spot)
  • Clitoral stimulation is achievable in this position.
  • Anal penetration is possible in this position.

How to Perform this position:

  • The female partner ( or partner being penetrated) straddles the male (or penetrating) partner with one leg on each side of their body. The feet can be placed flat on the bed or folded behind the bottom partner's lower back.  Using the shoulders or the back of the neck for support, the partner on top using the tailbone to hinge the hips forward and backward to stroke.  The movement is slow, controlled and short strokes.  The partner on the bottom can assist by holding their partner's hips for support and gently guiding the motion.

Where to perform this position:

  • In the middle of the bed
  • At the edge of the bed
  • On a couch with wide cushions
  • On the floor on a rug or a yoga mat
  • In the backyard in the sun or under the moonlight
  • On a beach under a palm tree or in a tent

How to make this position Tantric: 

  • Envision a red ball of light sitting within your pelvis and your partner's pelvis. Sync your breathing together and imagine the red ball of light rising and falling within the pelvis as it glows brightly. Continue to keep your breath in sync as you move in rhythm together, and maintain eye contact.

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