Signs Your Oral Sex Game Is Right!

June is Oral sex month here on Glamerotica101.com and what better way to start off the month by having a post dedicated to those who have mastered skills in Oral Sex delivery. There are clear signs that your partner will display when you are hitting the right spots and pulling out all of the right moves, and  if you observe 4 or more of these reactions, you can consider yourself an oral sex PRO. Below are a few tell tell  signs of pro action broken down by gender of the person performing oral sex:

Sign For Her

  • You feel his legs shaking
  • He says the words "oh sh*t, god damn or omg
  • He ejaculates in under 15 minutes
  • He encourages you to keep going
  • He closes his eyes
  • He pulls the hair away from your face to watch you while you do it
  • He feels phantom lips days later (usually followed by a text to come over and chill)
  • His body becomes tense
  • He will clinch on to the object nearest to him
  • He gets goosebumps

Signs For Him

  • she spreads her legs wider
  • She grabs the back of your head
  • when she is about to climax she clinches your head between her knees
  • her legs begin to shake
  • she says OMG repeatedly
  • She begins to gyrate her pelvis on your face
  • she tells you not to stop
  • her toes curl up
  • she grabs the sheets on the bed
  • she squirts
  • she pulls her legs up in the air


Of course there are more reactions that one will display while being pleased orally, so don't take these short lists as the only signs to prove that you are a PRO.  If you're skills are requested, that's a huge sign! Roll with it and enjoy :-)

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