Taboo Wednesday: Reaching The Male G-Spot

Anyone that knows anything about sex understands that the G spot is a spot within the Vagina that gives great sexual pleasure to women when stimulated.  When stroked, the g spot brings on an orgasm that is ten times as strong as an orgasm ignited by clitoral stimulation.  The average person is aware of the female g spot, but most people aren't familiar with the fact that men also have a g spot that can bring about the same mind blowing orgasm. Part of the reason why most men and women don't know about the male G spot is because the average heterosexual male is too afraid to venture into that realm.

The Male g spot is actually the prostate gland and the best way to reach it for pure stimulation is through the anus. The prostate gland is located 3 inches within the anus and can be reached by penetrating the anus with a finger or any toy blunt enough to fit into the anus comfortably (anal beads, anal bead stick, etc.) Men that have experienced an orgasm from having their g spot stimulated confess that the orgasm is 10 times as great as an orgasm from the stimulation of the penis alone, but for the average man, venturing into experimentation with the anus isn't considered as something a "straight man" should do.

The average heterosexual male associates anything with anal penetration to being homosexual, but this mindset is one that is not only ignorant, but it also puts restraints on men when it comes to experiencing complete sexual satisfaction.  Being homosexual refers to a man that is sexually and physically attracted to men and likes to have sex with men, but being a heterosexual man in a monogamous relationship with the desire to explore the male g spot DOES NOT MAKE A MAN GAY.   A man that has the desire to be penetrated in the anus isn't homo. It simply means that he is open to exploring all that sex has to offer and experiencing complete sexual stimulation.

A lot of sexual experiences are hindered because of restrictions people put on themselves because of  labels and judgements put into place by society. When a person can learn to find truth for themselves and open their mind to other possibilities, life becomes endless and more enjoyable!  Every man isn't going to be open to experiencing the mind blowing orgasm from prostate stimulation, but for those that may be curious, just make sure to use proper lubrication and protection and remember to take it slow! The anus is a tight space.   HAPPY EXPLORATION!

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  • Charles

    I appreciate the need for exploration, sexual exploration particularly but the prostate gland can be delicate and medically unsound to toy with and i say this as someone with knowledge. If you care, i could bore you all with medical jaggons why i’m recommending against this idea.

    November 16, 2011 Reply
    • glamerotica101

      when stimulating the prostate gland, one has to be very careful. there are plenty of men who explore this type of stimulation with no health problems at all. it’s not for everyone. There are risks in almost every sexual act, however, wand wthat is why everything must be done with caution. you can share your medical reasonings with my viewers if you would like to educate them on the medical hazards.

      November 16, 2011 Reply
  • Caroline

    I didn’t know where to find this info then kbaoom it was here.

    November 22, 2011 Reply

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