Technique 101: The Hand Stroke

The hands aren't usually the first organs that come to mind when one thinks about sex, but when used properly during foreplay, the hands can become just as sexy as the lips and send the same messages of arousal to the brain to prepare the body for intercourse. The hand job is a technique that can be used in conjunction with oral sex, as an ending to an erotic massage or as a stand along arousal technique. For the woman that isn't fond of massaging her partner's member with her mouth, using a combination of hand strokes to make him feel desired and comfortable will send him from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds.

The hand stroke technique is easy to perform and can be executed pretty much anywhere! Want to get your guy in the mood? Try these simple hand strokes and let the sex games begin!

**The key to a successful hand stroke technique is lubrication. If you're using hand stroking in combination with oral sex, saliva is a quick and convenient way to get a good hand glide going on the shaft, but if you're using this technique as a stand alone, a water based or silicone based lubricant can also work well.  If this hand stroke is used as a manual release during erotic massage, you can use whatever oil you have chosen for the massage as a lubricant.**

Technique one: Full Palm

This technique is the most basic of all hand stroking techniques and is commonly used by men in self pleasuring and by women for a manual release. The palm of the hand will make full contact with the shaft of the penis and the fingers will be wrapped around it to enclose it within the hand. Make sure not to wrap the hand around the shaft too tightly because you need space for the hand to glide up and down smoothly. Apply light pressure to stimulate sensation but not too much. When you begin, move the hand in an up and down motion rotating the wrist as you go along to create a smooth glide. Using the entire arm to make this motion will not only appear awkward but will cause an uncomfortable jerking. You can apply a lubricant directly to the hand before making contact with the shaft of the penis or you can apply it directly to it.

Technique two: Pepper grinder

This technique is one of my favorites because it creates double sensation all in one movement.  Both of the hands are used at the same time, moving in two different directions as if using a pepper grinder. Place your dominant hand at the top of the shaft near the head of the penis and place the other hand at the base. Once the lubricant is applied, move your hands in a twisting motion, moving each one in opposite directions and moving them up and down the shaft as you twist. Again, this is a motion that comes from the wrist. Keep the grip firm but not too tight.

Technique three: Two finger pull

In this technique, the thumb and index finger of the dominate hand will be used to massage the penis. Place the middle of the shaft against the fold of skin that connects the thumb to the palm and wrap the index finger and thumb around your partner's member. Once again, place a firm hold but leave enough slack to be able to move the fingers up and down the shaft from head to base. And again, rotate your wrist to execute the stoke motion.

You can use a combination of these techniques to pleasure your partner. Just make sure you're having fun!





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