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Squirting is one of the most coveted sexual techniques that brings about intense female orgasms that only a few women have had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenon.  Every woman has the same sexual equipment necessary to ejaculate during orgasm, but the technique has to be taught and isn't as complicated as many would think.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Laura from School of Squirt who has mastered the art of squirting and she was so kind enough to put together her best tips for teaching men and women how to perfect the technique of female ejaculation.  So without delay, here is this week's lesson from our guest Blogger Laura about how to achieve squirt.

"How to Turn a Regular Orgasm into a Squirting Orgasm"

Many people think of squirting as something that only takes place on seedy porn sets, and this is such a shame because it’s actually a great addition to a healthy sex life. For the men, imagine what it would be like to have an orgasm but not ejaculate. Well, that’s kind of how it feels for a woman.

Squirting is a release, and it’s a way to ‘get out of our heads’ and into our bodies. It adds another dimension of pleasure on top of a regular orgasm, and it’s also just pretty darn fun. So how does one learn how to squirt?


Obviously you want to be somewhere comfortable, warm, and private where it doesn’t matter if the bed sheets get soaked. The man should trim his fingernails and you’ll also want to get hold of some decent lube. Grape seed oil is favoured by many squirters.

It’s important for a man to get his partner to the highest level of arousal as possible, because as she is turned on her skene’s gland fills up with ejaculate, which is the fluid that is released during squirting.

A woman will not be able to squirt if she is “in her head”, so foreplay is essential to transition a woman out of her head and into her body. Being able to ‘inhabit the body’ rather than the mind is a very important part of being able to squirt


The more you try to squirt, the less likely it is to happen, so relax and forget about squirting as a goal. You’ll want to make sure your partner is caring and non-judgemental. If there are any signs of judgement then you’ll unconsciously hold back when it comes to the big moment.

Dirty talk has proven helpful for some squirters to get into the right mind set. Dirty talk that is rooted in encouragement can help to arouse a woman while being stimulated. “I want you to cum for me baby” is a form of dirty talk that can make a woman feel as if she wants to have a release and feel comfortable with doing so.


What squirting comes down to is stimulation of the G-spot primarily, and then also the clitoris. If you are new to it then this is best achieved by the fingering technique. The technique involves using the middle finger or the ring finger either together or separate in a “come here” motion (essentially just rhythmically pulling the tips of your fingers back and up slightly).

This works by pleasuring the G-spot which is about 1-2 inches inside the vagina on the front (think the same side as the tummy) wall. It can be recognised because it has a distinctive rough texture like the roof of your mouth. The g spot becomes engorged as a woman is stimulates and approaches climax.

For the woman, as she reaches orgasm it will be similar to the feeling of needing to pee. Don't worry, you aren't going to urinate! This is in fact the build up of fluid from the Skene's gland (which is where the ejaculate is produced). Upon orgasm she will need to release the muscles holding in the fluid and let herself squirt, because otherwise there is no chance of it happening, so this is critical.

A great technique is to think about ‘giving birth to your orgasm.’ This will put the woman in the mind-set of pushing out, rather than holding in, as most women usually do when it comes to orgasm. If you’re not familiar with squirting your natural response is to hold back, as the feeling is similar to peeing. Push out and ‘let go’ as you reach climax.

At this point the male partner should withdraw his fingers from the vagina to allow squirting while continuing to stimulate the clitoris to push her over the edge.

Pro tip: Kegel exercises should be performed regularly to help a woman experience more intense orgasms through squirting. 

It is also possible for squirting to occur during sex, although this is slightly more advanced technique.  Positions such as Doggy style allow for a good angle of penetration (made even better by putting a pillow under her tummy and pushing her slightly forwards and down) whilst also allowing for clitoral stimulation too, which is necessary during sex.

Try a few different positions that angle the penis towards the front wall of the vagina. It’s fun to experiment with but you are much more likely to find a position that works really well for both of you!

Go out and give it a try, soak those bed sheets and add another dimension to your orgasm.


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    I don’t have a comment, I have a question. When I ride my husband I can make him cum in 30 sec ( or less) but I get no pleasure from it. What the hell am I doing wrong?

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    • Thomas

      Dear Shemeka,

      your bf has a premature ejaculation problem that must first be resolved, Then after his premature ejaculation problem is solved Your vagina must be awakened so you can have penetration orgasms through intercourse.

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    well said, i was so embarassed when it first happened to me. but after we learned about it o google we started to enjoy it. having sex like no one else.

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    How does one learn how to talk dirty during sex? I be so into it and want to say something but it’s like nothing comes out my mouth.

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