Turn Up Fellatio With the Fire and Ice Technique

Great oral sex is all about the passion put behind a variety of motions that bring about toe curling sensations. When it comes to the typical fellatio technique, the use of the hands and the mouth is always a winning combination, but playing with temperature while in the "land down under" is a unique way to leave your partner begging for more! The fire and ice trick is one that is simple, however, it requires a skillet above the novice level in order to be able to achieve it with perfection. This technique utilizes hot and cold fluids during oral performance to stimulate the nerves of the penis while ushering in sexual arousal. Whether you want to use cold water, your favorite cold juice drink, warm peppermint tea or simply use warm water, the fire and ice technique is a great way to spice up your oral sex routine.

What you will need for this technique

  • Two cups or glasses
  • Tea, water, Juice, soda or two of the beverages of your choice (be as creative as you want)
  • Ice cubes or a freezer
  • Microwave
  • A willing man with an erection
  • A towel
  • A bowl to use for the fluid you may spit out if you choose to

**Ideally, using a condom as a barrier of protection is the smartest decision for reducing your chances of catching STIs. If you are with a regular partner and choose not to use condoms, please make sure you know his status and your own! To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org**

How to perform the "Fire and Ice" routine

  1. Decide which types of fluids you will use for this process (stick with plain water if you want to keep things simple, but if you would like to add flavor to make the slurping more enjoyable, use your favorite fruit juice for the ice portion and flavored tea for your fire portion.)
  2. Next, grab two cups or glasses to hold your desired beverages in.
  3. Decide which liquid will serve as your fire element and which will serve as your ice element (Fruit juices, sodas, plain water should all be used as the "ice" element. Tea, hot chocolate, water should all be used as the "fire" element")
  4. Once you have chosen your beverages of choice, take the "fire" element liquid and fill up one of your cups half way with it. Place the cup into the microwave and warm the liquid for about 2 minutes. You want the liquid to be warm enough to bring a tingling sensation to the lips but not so hot where it can scorch the skin.  Use the second cup and fill it half way with the beverage that will serve as the "ice" element. To chill the liquid, you can either place a few ice cubes into the glass or place the cup into the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  5. Once both of your oral sex supplements are ready to go, take them into the area where you will be performing and place them near you
  6. Once you've placed a condom on for protection and have gotten your partner standing at attention, choose which ever liquid you want to use first and pour a small amount of it into your mouth. As soon as you do so, hold the liquid in your mouth while pulling your partner's member into your mouth while being careful not to scrape him with your teeth.
  7. Once inside, massage his peen with your tongue while swishing the tempered liquid around it. After a minute of performance, release your partner from your mouth, and either choose to spit or swallow the fluid to switch over to the contrasting element yet to be used. (Use the bowl to spit the fluid in and the towel to wipe away any messes you may have made.

You can switch from fire to ice as many times as you would like! Have fun with it and try different beverages in a variety of flavors (using peppermint tea also adds the minty feel after the liquid is pulled away from the penis).

Have fun and be safe!


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