Wrap It Up Report: Drug Resistant Gonorrhea

Here's some news for those of you who are ANTI-CONDOM activists. Within this past year, Scientists and researchers have found a strand of Gonorrhea that is becoming increasingly resistant to the current medications used to treat the disease. Yes, you read this right: there is a strand of Gonorrhea that is evolving into an incurable state!  The disease was once easily cured by a shot of penicillin, but over the years, the disease evolved to become less affected by the medication, and now a class of antibiotics called cephalosporins are currently used to treat Gonorrhea. However, researchers have recently found strands that are becoming harder to treat even with the cephalosporin antibody. The severity of this situation lies in the fact that this drug resistant Gonorrhea may turn into a super bug that will claim the health of thousands.

Researchers are now working on solving this issue, but until they do, YOU NEED TO USE PROTECTION! I agree with the majority of the world that thinks condoms are an irritating barrier that blocks some of the sensation during sex, HOWEVER, diseases like this that keep mutating keep me in check to keep my partner's penis wrapped in plastic (yes there are plastic condoms for latex sensitive women). Every time you debate with yourself about having unprotected sex, think about the other people your partner may have slept with unprotected. Symptoms of STDs don't always show up right away...sometimes it takes months! Another fact: who are infected with Gonorrhea are 3 times more likely to become infected with HIV should they come into contact with the virus.  With all that unprotected smashing, it's a good chance you could run into someone with BOTH of the diseases.  KNOW YOUR PARTNER'S STATUS! Ladies,  A cute face, a nice body and  genitals that appears clean are not enough proof he is disease free. Fellas, the same goes for you! KNOW HER STATUS! A big butt and a smile may make you want to dive in raw, but she could be POISON!

Bottom Line: WATCH YOURSELF AND WRAP IT UP! Take advantage of the free clinics in your area to KNOW YOUR STATUS

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  • Chrisdown

    LOL awwww Jessica what makes you think that just because u r a virign you are gonna get a husband who is pure and fresh..LOL How does being a virign make sex more romantic with your husband????? LOL This is the kind of garbage parents, religion and society will make you try and believe. Yes parents dont want their kids to have sex and religion makes it a moral issue. Kids will have sex no matter what you say. This school initiative is to STOP teen pregnancy. Schools are doing the right thing. If YOU can abstain then go for it. Sex is a normal function of your body, like eating or going to the toilet or sleeping!! So sex is not bad. While there are other reasons why having sex may be postponed, you seem to make a moral issue. The reasons are more from the inconvenience aspect (pregnancy) and STDs. NOTHING ELSE. LOL

    February 10, 2016 Reply

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