WTF: Male Birth Control Pills???

As intrigued as I was to read about this topic, the idea of an oral contraceptive for men struck me instantaneously as a WTF moment. For years, women have taken birth control orally to reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy, and in recent years, other forms of birth control have been developed for convenience and to help reduce side affects caused by certain levels of hormones released by the pills. There has been talk  within the medical scientific community about creating an oral contraceptive for men in order to further reduce the number of unwanted pregnancy, but the steps to stop the natural process of reproduction in men is undoubtedly more complicated than that in women. Here's why:

Every month, a single egg is released from one of the two ovaries of a woman in hopes of that single egg being fertilized and implanted within the uterine wall, thus beginning the process of pregnancy. The hormones in birth control inhibit the release of that egg every month, which in turn inhibits pregnancy from occurring.  In order for a male contraceptive to work, it would have to stop millions of sperm from being produced, which at this time, researchers have no idea how that type of change would effect a man's erection or future fertility.  Creating a male contraceptive pill that can stop the production of millions of sperm as well has provide a 99.9% effective rate as the female birth control pill creates a complexity that has caused pharmaceutical companies to become skeptical about investing  the millions of dollars that it would take to further the research and development on such a drug.   The research is expensive and the number of clinicians in the specific field of male reproduction technology are few, so the promise of a male contraceptive may not come to fruition for many years to come.

In my personal opinion, the money to research this type of drug should be saved and given to the AIDS researchers to help find a cure. With condoms and female birth control already working so well, why try to fix a system that isn't broken? Why waste years and decades on research for a pill that may only worsen the sexual health of men? This is truly a WTF topic. What are your thoughts?



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  • Von

    I agree that the money should be put up for another cause such as Aids, MS, or anything else. It is a waste of money and time for a man to have a birthcontrol pill, given the extent of research and testing it will take to “perfect” the drug and effects. If the man isn’t ready to have children A. Remain abstinent until ready B. Wrap it up; twice if u gotta C. Get them clipped. That’s my opinion. I understand everyone has a right in this country and options, but damn it stop making things up bc u get bored. Work on a cure for something or feed the hungry folks! Irrelevant…

    December 9, 2011 Reply
  • jbear

    I remember a conversation about male “birth contol pills” in nursing school. It is pretty complicated when you think about it and to be honest, I feel its a waste of money, time, and resources.

    This may be radical, but what if they make this pill and then men who use it end up not being able to reproduce? If a large population of men did this around the world, that would possibly reduce the amount of babies being born thus reducing the population. Population control. Just a thought.

    December 9, 2011 Reply
  • Boyd Scharpf

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful processes a woman can go through not only for the wonderful journey that accompanies the status also for the significance which marks the beginning of life. However the whole topic about pregnancy stirs up feeling of unhappiness to some women.

    January 2, 2012 Reply

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