Bedroom Boom: Tips For Valentine’s Day 2012

Today is Valentine's Day; the day where men shower their beloved women with gifts to show their appreciation and love. However, this day would not be complete without hot, butt naked passionate sex that knocks the headboards of every bed in America and pushes old lady neighbors to the point of calling the cops.  Sure, the gifts are sweet and thoughtful, but they are given with the expectation of some serious love making going down by the end of the day's festivities.  It is tradition that Valentine's Day is centered around the woman, but this day shouldn't be one sided.  On this day, each person in the relationship should be mutually benefited and satisfied when the sun rises tomorrow morning.  Ladies, that may be your man, but those gifts cost, and there should be no reason why you should not be hot and ready to give your man the best ride of his life when it's time to get down to business.  While your lover is preparing the dinner reservations and purchasing the gifts, here are a few tips on what to do to insure the Valentine's Day Sex is AMAZING!

Build The Anticipation

When you give your man clues of what to expect during the main event, it will make him work harder to insure that you have the best time of your life. Leave him little notes in his work bag or in his car reminding him of the mind blowing head you gave him last week and how it will be 10 times greater tonight. If he's already gone off to work, send him a text message with the naughty thoughts you have running through your head about what you want to do to him. Send him a picture of yourself straight out of the shower or bathtub in a towel giving him a bit of a peep show of what he can expect for later.  In whatever way you build up the anticipation, remember not to give up too much information about what he can expect. Tease him a little bit and make him stand at attention!

Turn Up The Seduction

Valentine's Day is the best day to lose your inhibitions and turn up your sexy! Really turn on your charm and make it impossible for him to resist you.  Touch parts of his body softly as you sit at dinner. Gaze into his eyes with a glare that says "I want you".  Focus your energy into whatever will draw him into you and keep that energy high.

Set The Mood

Before allowing him to enter into the room, take some time to set the atmosphere so both of your minds can be focused on what is about to take place.  Light a few candles around the room to create a sultry ambiance. Scatter rose peddles on the floor and bed to add a soft scent to the room and to further add to the romantic theme of the day.  Play some of the smoothest music you can find in your ipod or mp3 collection at a low volume. Pull the covers back and away from the head of the bed to make the bed seem more inviting. Have everything you will need for the night neatly placed on the nightstand or a table next to the bed: toys you many use in the bedroom, food, lubricant, condoms, Champagne, etc.   Transform the entire room a domain for sex and sensuality through using these tips.

Try Something New

If you have gotten used to using the same techniques in the bedroom, today is a good day to learn some new ones! This entire day has been about catering to you, so now it's time to cater to your man and his desires.  Try wearing a new type of lingerie. Do a strip tease for your man or giving him a lap dance. Feed him fruit only using your mouth. Get into new positions that you both have been wanting to experiment with or experiment with bedroom aids like Inclines or sex swings.  Whatever you choose to do, make the decision to go outside of your normal box to blow his mind. This would be a great time to try swallowing if you never have (had to throw that in there).

Remember, the night is all about catering to your man after he has catered to you. Show him your appreciation and get to work!

Don't forget to Practice Safe Sex today! (On Valentine's Day, the number of STD's and infections contracted always increases)  KNOW YOUR STATUS AND USE PROTECTION!

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