Video: Top 5 Fellatio Tips from Auntie Angel

Happy New Year Sexy Friends! 2015 is going to bring with it a new wave of sexually liberating experiences intended to educate and eradicate feelings of shame.  So, to start this year off right, it is only fitting to provide the inquiring public with essential tips needed for any woman’s (or gay man’s) oral sex


Angelina Jolie Removes Both Breasts! Was It a Smart Move?

Breast cancer is no stranger to the public, and it affects many women (and some men) of various ages and demographic groups.  We hear about the stories of average women and their fights against the malignant disease, but it’s rare that we hear about celebrities taking great leaps...

Exclusive Interview with Adult Film Star Imani Rose

I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Imani Rose, one of the newest faces in the Adult Film Industry.  During my interview, I got a deeper look into the starlet’s personality and learned that we have a lot in common. Watch the Video below and learn...

PICS: at The Exxxotica Expo

The Exxxotica Expo is the Largest Expo dedicated to Love and Sex in the US. was in attendance at Exxxotica Chicago and The experience was amazing!  There were 3 seminars that were facilitated by me (Glamazon Tyomi) and each one was packed out! Fans came out...