Commit To Improving Your Sex Life in 2014!!!

2014 is finally here! Happy New Year to all of the viewers and supporters of the Sex Education movement! Now that we have moved into a new set of calendar days, you will be making new resolutions and commitments to improve your life.

My challenge to all of you out there is to make a pledge to improve your sexual self image and sexual relationships as well as expand your sexual knowledge. I know you may be thinking that this challenge is going to be a bit difficult to keep up with, but with the help of myself and those who will be joining in my movement of promoting sex positivity, you will be well on your way to becoming a well rounded sexual force!

I want everyone out there to make a promise to themselves to:

  1. Love yourself more
  2. Not be afraid of your own sexuality
  3. Explore and experiment more
  4. Communicate with your partner about what you want/don't want, and like/don't like
  5. Take fear completely out of your relationships
  6. Embrace your sexuality whether Straight, homosexual, bi sexual, asexual etc.
  7. Break down old limits on your sexuality implemented by society

There is so much more that I will be posting about and making videos about this year so stay tuned! Virtual seminars and classes will be launching in the second quarter of the year so be on the lookout and make a commitment to invest in your sexual life! Everyone is on a different level than the next, so remember to be patient with yourself and recognize that I will be here every step of the way!


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