FAIL: The Fake Orgasm

We all go into a sexual episode hoping that we will experience ecstasy through an orgasm, but unfortunately there are some times when reaching that climax never happens. In the last few months, more and more women have been coming forward with confessions of faking orgasms during sex, and it lead me to research exactly why women feel the need to have to fake an orgasm when the objective of sex is for both people involved to receive pleasure. The answer is simple. When a woman has endured 30 minutes of deep penetration without feeling the sensation of an orgasm, all she wants to do is GET IT OVER WITH, and to protect her partner's ego, she fakes the big O.  The bigger question, however, is why are more women going through sexual experiences without climaxing? Most women blame it on men not knowing what spots to hit, but the problem originates within the woman herself. Let me explain..

Women who have either never experienced an orgasm during sex or rarely do are not in tune with their bodies and aren't too clear about what spots need to be stroked in order to reach the climaxing point. When a woman doesn't know what turns her on, it's hard to communicate to her partner what she needs to get her to her peak. The best solution for a woman dealing with the issue of absent orgasms during sex is to spend more time exploring her body to find the spots that take her to the point of ecstasy.

Another issue may be that her mind isn't completely focused on the sexual experience and the stresses from everyday life are holding her back from truly engaging with her partner. For some women, the absence of an orgasm during sex may be a psychological issue that stems from a bad sexual experience in the past or religious practices that have deemed sexual pleasure as "sinful"  or "ungodly". In this case, the only solution would be to talk to a sexual therapist in order to remove those mental blocks. Realistically, most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation over vaginal penetration, so getting into positions that stimulate the clitoris while being penetrated would be beneficial.

In my opinion, orgasms should not be faked because it's unfair to you as a woman to make a man believe he "put it down" when all he did was spend 30 minutes massaging your vaginal walls.  Sure, you don't want to hurt your man's ego, but in the end it's about you getting pleasure too. If he isn't hitting it right, communicate your feeling to him while you're in the moment and let him know what he needs to do to make you feel good. Men aren't mind readers and definitely won't take a hint while he's working overtime to get his, so become involved and stop faking! Become in tune with your needs and wants, remove the mental blocks and start having better sex. Even if the orgasm never happens, simply enjoy the sexual experience and the sensations of sexual arousal.

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  • Travis Morris

    I would totally agree with this entire story. I find that are stressed & religious attached, past bad sexual relations, have this problem of getting an orgasm. I have a high sex drive, and a man who believes in pleasing a woman first to the fullest. I find this to be a major problem with dealing with a lot of women.

    January 25, 2012 Reply
    • Caden

      It’s a pluerase to find someone who can think so clearly

      April 14, 2016 Reply
  • Lawn mower

    What a great blog

    February 20, 2012 Reply
  • Denaye

    You’re correct, I’ve faked it to get it over with. But now, I have no problem telling my partner I haven’t climaxed during sex.

    February 4, 2014 Reply

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